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[WINDOWS] Auto-Restart Tool

Comments in 'Tools' started by TheDeibo, Oct 30, 2016.

  1. TheDeibo

    TheDeibo Notable Member

    Sep 8, 2014
    Minecraft User:
    Allows the user to do a restart the server with automatically, and with ease!
    This tool will give the user a nice, easy and simple tool to restarting a server.
    How do I download it?
    Through this link:

    Where can I find a plugin that will work with this program to automatically restart the server?
    A great plugin is @iJoshuaHD's plugin called Automatic Server Restarter. This can be found here:

    Having this plugin is not mandatory, but it is recommended. This plugin will stop the server after a chosen time, whilst the Auto-Restart program will start it again.

    Why does it use
    It uses to read the server-port. Since the server reads the too, We have make it easier to manage the server and the the Auto-Restart.

    Its got colors!
    Yes, Yes it has.
    Through the power of PowerShell, It has colors. The colors have been thought of carefully. Blue is for a 'Checking Server' message. Green is for 'Activating Server' Message. And Red is for 'Server is already online' Message' Don't agree with the color coding? Aww well. You can't please everyone.
    PowerShell is pre-installed on PCs from windows 7 upwards.

    I keep getting a Powershell error!
    This is because you are using a Windows operating system that does not have Powershell Pre-Installed. These computers are normally Windows Vista and earlier. So to fix this, Here is a link that will help you on your way.

    I want the plain Black and White version!
    This is the link you want! Plain_LoopStart.exe!

    This will be great for any PC without PowerShell installed.

    I have an issue!
    Yes you do.

    Our developer has managed to make the program as bug free as possible. The only known fault about it, is it doesn't work for systems that are Windows Vista or earlier. But like stated earlier, you can download it.

    Feel free though to send us your issue or bugs to

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