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Network *Stratus Frontier Network* [Faction Community!] [Survival Frontier] [MiniGames!] [Industrial Cu

Comments in 'Servers' started by cincinno_elite, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. cincinno_elite

    cincinno_elite New Member

    Dec 28, 2014
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    Server PORT: Default- 19132

    Welcome To Stratus Frontier! We present you our server network, which provides factions, MiniGames, Biomes, Travel Organizations, and more!

    Factions Information:

    - You can Submit your faction in the comments to become an official one. Being an official faction means you will have public status, a ranking, and (optional), a public base or structure representation.
    - Factions that are not active will be taken down (Important Towards Official Ones). Factions will also be taken down if harassment or brutal arguing is held between them.
    - Faction Competition is allowed. Occasionally, an official contest will be held among factions.

    Event Information:

    - Events are occasions that are held when a holiday is near, or a special time has arose. Events do not stay for a permanent basis, and you will have to come at specific times to participate. An event may last for at most, about 2 weeks. Holiday-relevant events will annually come each year.
    - Participation of events are not mandatory, and one does not have to visit the event.

    MiniGames Information:

    - MiniGames are currently in development, but more will come along the weeks.
    - MiniGames are small games that are made up of competition, skill, and most of all, fun!
    - Our MiniGames include new-to-public ones as well as originals, such as parkour courses.

    Survival Infinity Information:

    - Our Survival Infinity includes biomes that may not be relevant to the actual v0.9.0 of the app's updates. Some are, and may not include all features (Such as mineshafts in Mesas.)
    - There are also hard-core biomes, such as the Crimson and Corruption.

    Current Biomes/Environments
    - Treeshroud Forest
    - WinterFrost Woods
    - The Crimson (HardCore)

  2. 99leonchang

    99leonchang Staff Member Sectional Moderator

    Aug 23, 2013
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    Screenshots would be helpful.

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