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README Server Submission Rules

Comments in 'Servers' started by shoghicp, Sep 8, 2013.

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  1. shoghicp

    shoghicp Staff Member PocketMine Team

    Aug 22, 2013
    Minecraft User:
    To ensure the high quality of the servers, we are requiring now that all the servers submitted have specific requirements and guidelines.

    • Servers must have a descriptive but short title, not longer than 100 characters. It must specify the server type, if there are multiple, just specify that. Example: [SURVIVAL PvP] Worst Server Ever - Reddit community!
    • The title must not contain the server address.
    • You should use the new prefixes to tag your server as Survival, Creative, or Games
    • The server must have a logo, and must have screenshots. You should specify a custom 256x56 image as the server banner.
    • It must describe the server in a long overview inside the post.
    • Servers must not be whitelisted
    • Servers that give moderator/admin ranks/VIP ranks for money must not post the info about getting them here.
    • Servers must be online 24/7 (except temporal downtime)
    • Servers must use an static IP or a domain. IPs starting with 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x will be directly refused, and could carry a warning to your account.
    • Spamming server submissions can take down your account.
    • Spamming on other posts about your server is forbidden.
    • Server should give info about the plugins, team, or any other useful information.
    • Abusive use of colors, big fonts, or uppercase will cause the refusal of your post.
    • Avoid fights with griefers, trolls on the forums. Doing that will cause the deletion of your post. Report the content instead of arguing.
    • You may not have staff application forms in your comments. All applications must be done via third party means or using the private forum messengering service.

    Server Networks
    Any group of three servers or more must specify a homepage, tag it with Network

    Moderation Policy
    If you do not respond to moderators' requests within 72 hours, the moderators reserve the right to delete your post without prior notice.
    Posts that fail to comply with above standards are liable to be deleted with zero notice (although we will usually make an effort to notify you on items to correct)
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