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PvP is disabled after world teleport

Comments in 'Plugin Development' started by vertx, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. vertx

    vertx Active Member

    Dec 4, 2014
    Minecraft User:

    I'm having a very annoying bug on my server...

    well, I coded a bunch of minigame plugins, and I having issues with all that envolves Player vs Player such skywars and hunger games

    actually the player click on a sign on lobby to teleport to the world of the match, but after this teleport, the players can't hurt another players, BUT if I set the game sign directly on the match world, PvP works like a charm... something wrong are going on on player world change thats for a unknown reason let the player to be immortal, I tested this just teleporting to another world and trying to hurt someone, nothing happens... (also I'm doing nothing with PlayerDamageEvent and EntityDamageByEntityEvent...)

    anyone also had this problem? It's a pocketmine bug? or I need to do something more than $player->setLevel() and $player->teleport(xyz) for "update" something client side?

    thanks in advance

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