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README *New* Section guidelines

Comments in 'Plugin Development' started by Falk, Mar 6, 2016.

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  1. Falk

    Falk Staff Member Global Moderator

    Sep 2, 2013
    Minecraft User:
    Here are some guidelines and polices for content in this section. These are general policies which I will follow when moderating the section. If you are unsure why a post was removed or a thread was locked, you might find an answer here.

    • If you want to report content in this section, use the "report" feature at the bottom of every post. This will create a ticket which any forum staff member can respond to. If you think it is an emergency and would like a prompt response, you should send me a private message as well and post the link in a message on IRC #pocketmine (see "Chat/IRC" link above).
    • If you have a question or comment about how this section or a post in this section is being handled, please direct it to me through a private message.
    • If you have received a formal warning from this website and would like to inquire further, please reply to the staff member who created the warning. You should have a conversation with them open in your "Inbox". Other staff members may not have appropriate details to answer your questions.

    Profanity, flaming, or otherwise offensive content
    Arguments shouldn't be occurring on this section, this section is for providing support to other users. If content is deemed by me to contain profanity, be created specifically to provoke another user, or offensive to a certain group of users: it will be removed. If only a fraction of the post contains offending content and the rest if helpful, I may edit the post and display "Edited by moderator" text below it. Users will be warned for posting such content.

    Off-topic content
    Please stay on-topic. If a conversation gets off-topic, just direct it back to the original topic. I will remove off-topic messages. If the number of messages removed is substantial (~7 or more), I will create a small post in the thread informing users that content has been removed.

    Being unhelpful
    Posts such as "Learn PHP!", "Learn PocketMine!", or "Learn [x]!", although amusing, are generally unhelpful. If a post is deemed to be entirely unhelpful to the OP, it will be removed. This is due to the fact that the thread was created for he benefit of the OP and not for other users to laugh at someone's lack of knowledge. If the OP says something like "This isn't helpful", that is a good hint that what you are doing isn't helping.

    Requesting support for third-party software (including builds of PM)
    Users should not ask questions about third party software. Some third-party software (f0r example Java MCPE servers) bear little relation to our forums, these threads will be locked and links will be provided (if available) to relevant support forums. However, other software (for example, PocketMine custom builds) are related to these forums. When you encounter a question regarding a custom build of PocketMine, try to provide links to where that user can find support in future instead of asking us. But if you find you are qualified to provide effective support for a user of a custom build, please do this.

    Marking threads as "solved" vs deleting threads
    Thread creators can mark their own threads as "solved". This is the appropriate action to take when a problem has been fixed. "solved" threads may be locked if extraneous discussion continues on them. You are also allowed to delete your thread once it has been solved, but this will prevent other users with your problem from using your thread to get help.
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