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NetherPortal - MiniGame + Survival [0.11.0]

Comments in 'Servers' started by DA_Swagnemite, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. DA_Swagnemite

    DA_Swagnemite Notable Member Plugin Developer

    Nov 17, 2013
    Minecraft User:
    NetherPortal | Minigame + Survival Server


    At the moment, only the Survival server is open to the public.​
    Port: 19132
    Available Jobs:
    • Custom Plugin Development (3 Available Positions)
    • Server Support Team (4 Available Positions)
    • NetherPortal Website Development (2 Available Positions)
    • NetherPortal Server Moderation (4 Available Positions)
    NOTE: You may apply ONLY by Private Messaging me. Any other staff applications submitted WILL be ignored!

    How does Survival work?
    Survival is limitless, you may grief, steal, anything you may like. However, we do NOT tolerate harassment of any kind. The world resets automatically every two weeks. You will, however keep the items in your inventory and location.

    What is The Dropper?
    The Dropper is a MiniGame/Adventure where you jump off the edge of a platform and fall to what could easily be your death. However, it is currently closed to the public.

    What is BomberMan?
    BomberMan is a MiniGame where you spawn in a maze with two TNT. The TNT explodes in in each direction (except diagonally) until it hits a wall. Your goal is to last as long as possible and eliminate the other players. However, it is currently closed to the public.

    What is Spleef?
    Most people are aware of what Spleef is but for those who don't, you are given a shovel and your goal is to break snow blocks from under other players. Last player standing wins. However, it is currently closed to the public.
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