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Survival MiniCraftPE [Survival, Pvp games + more]

Comments in 'Servers' started by Pman1220, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. Pman1220

    Pman1220 Active Member Plugin Developer

    Nov 21, 2013
    Minecraft User:
    Hi there! I am the owner of MiniCraftPE. Here is my server and what we're all about :)

    About us:
    MinicraftPE is a server dedicated to its players! With great dedication comes dedicated hardware and dedicated staff. At MiniCraftPE we work hard to give you a feature filled lag free experience! We currently have three gamemodes which are:
    - KitPvP
    - Survival/Eco
    - Parkour
    We aim to make this one of the best multi-gamemode servers out there, and with @hoyinm14mc on our side, we can't fail! We are working on custom plugins and features but for now here is our plugin list:
    - Sign Portal
    - ClearLagg
    - Custom Alerts
    - EDGE
    - KillCash
    - SimpleAuth
    - Buycraft
    - Always spawm
    - Bouncy blocks
    - iProtector
    - EconomyS
    - BattleKits
    - PurePerms(chat)
    - VIP Slots
    - Ban Item
    - WorldInventory
    - Combat Logger
    - SimpleAuth
    - PerworldChat
    - BroadCaster

    All of this is and 55 slots! We hope to expand slots as we develop custom plugins but for now its a good setup that will serve all players well.

    Our Server IP is:

    If you would like to join the community and get involved on the forums we also have a (not so custom) website here --->
    Thanks for reading and sorry I don't have a banner of the size on PocketMine forums.. and its a gif. :confused: Thanks again and hope to see you there :)

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