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Minecraft PE+3 Cheats(Ghast, Day/Night Switch,Full HP)

Comments in 'Tools' started by lissaroa, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. lissaroa

    lissaroa New Member

    May 19, 2015
    ★TMI (Core Settings & Action Features)

    -Day/Night Switch:Change Time (only works in single player)
    -Survival/Creative Switch: Change the modes in Game
    -Item Multiplier x99: The item you get will be multiplied by 99.
    -Block Breaker: Instantly break the blocks. Whether there are drops depnd on your tool levels.(e.g.Wooden Pickaxe for Cobblestones; Stone Pickaxe for Iron Ores; Iron Pickaxe for Gold & Diamond Ores)
    -Invincible: Infinite HP (only works in single player)
    -Run: Sprint fast
    -Super Jump: Jump higher than usual.
    -Fly: enables you to fly in survival mode (has to be switched ON before entering local servers by others)
    ★Add Item (TMI Select Items) (only works in single player)

    New Features from mod v.2.0.3 on!
    ★ Teleport in the current map: you can switch between places
    ★ Instantly Spawn Mobs
    :We have Ghasts now! and new mobs in 0.11.1
    ★Bonus: TMI Items Updated to 0.11.1:
    including hidden objects like Spawn Ghast (eggs)!

    • Jailbroken iDevice
    • Cydia Substrate
    • Xmodgames
    Instructions for Activation:
    1.Click 'Xmodgames' on HomeScreen.

    2. Click on the icon.

    3. Click the blue button to install the modthen tap the “launch” button.

    4. Click on the Xbot to open the floating window.

    5. There are two rows of features in the window.
    The first row are used for socializing in game community.
    You can take screenshots, record videos and share your creation or comments as posts in the in-app Minecraft PE Forum.
    The second row is for modifying the game. Tap to control the features.

    6. After that, you can two column, one at each side.The left represents main features while the right represents sub features belonging to the main feature you select.
    TMI is to control Core Settings & Action Features in Game.
    Add Item is the TMI branch function to select any items or blocks with the amount you desire.[​IMG]

    7. Day/Night Switch Controls Time in Game. Tap on Day to Set Daytime and Night to set Night.


    8.You turn the “Item Mutiplier” ON, The item you get will be mutiplied by99. Turn it OFF you’ll only get one item at a time.

    9. Block Break: enables you to break any blocks in a flash.

    Note: Whether there will be drops of items or blocks after breaking them is decided by your mining tool. E.g. Iron Pickaxe for Diamond & Gold Ores.

    10. Invincible gives you infinite HP. You can’t die and won’t fear anything now!

    11. Run/Sprint makes you like an athlete in front of other monsters. Chase me if you can!

    12. Super Jump enables you to jump higher than usually.

    It is very useful to cross through woods or jungles or over mountain cliffs.

    13. Fly: in the survival mode, this feature allows you to fly (double tap on jump). You can combine it with Super Jump so you can move around like a Super Hero!

    14. Add Item :helps you get whatever you want in game, as the accessory feature of the TMI.
    The Tabs in Purple Square represent groups of items.
    ①Select the icons in the checkbox above.
    ②Then swipe the scrollbar in white square to define the amount.
    ③Tap “Add” at the right bottom to continue
    ④A toast will pop up requesting confirmation. Tap confirm.
    ⑤Now you get the item you want.
    BONUS: TMI Items Updated to 0.11.1 in mod V.2.0.3 including hidden objects like Spawn Ghast (egg)!

    15. Spawn Mobs is to spawn the creatures in Minecraft instantly. (cannot be used in servers opened by others. E.g. public server)
    ①Tap on Spawn Mobs Tab
    ②Choose the mobs you’d like to add
    ③Select the amount in scrollbar and Add
    ④Confirm and enjoy!


    16. Teleport in the current map:
    ①Add Coordinates first (tap and name it)
    ②Tap to switch between saved locations
    ③Saved Coordinates can only be used in the map you set them.
    If you use them in other maps, you can be stuck for a while. Clear first before resetting the Coords)


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