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Network JaneCraft PE Network [Factions] [Survival] [PvP]

Comments in 'Servers' started by James1100, Jun 26, 2016.

  1. James1100

    James1100 New Member

    Mar 2, 2014
    Minecraft User:
    Welcome To The First, running MCPE NETWORK JaneCraft!
    We aren't just any Network, we apply to:
    Nice staff
    A lot of things to do!
    Never get bord!
    Always play with friends!
    XBox Login compatibility
    0.15.0 Compatible
    Get your own TexturePack
    Factions - Make your faction the best!
    Survival - Survive the night! Will you make it?
    Multiple Worlds: Go to more than one world on the server... Make sure you come out alive...
    Factions Wild - Use your pvp Combat and Use your fisty, mighty, scary armour, bows, and weapons! Make them enchanted to make it more intense.. And also, armour, Weapons, and bows direbility...
    RolePlay - Play a little roleplay to make you happy! We're thinking of improving roleplay in the near future!
    Come and join the server for more intensing, skills!

    What we have coming soon...?
    Parkour - Little but of intensing parkour... Easy, medium and hard... Get money for winning!
    Prison - Mine, and sell to get money, That's all it takes.
    More wild - Make factions wild a little better..
    More compatibilitys - Make JaneCraft have a little more than just Every server should have. New mobs, automatic spawning, Animal spawns, Make rails function and fixes, Make redstone a little better..
    Bug fixes - Make a little more fixes on the way!
    OP Factions - Factions, but Better!
    Health Above your tag - Want to see how many hearts a player has but don't want to ask? Just Look! Tap the player to see the health!
    Make raiding a little better.. - What we mean by this, is: Mob spawning, Creeper explosings to get in to bases, And more!
    Mini-Games - We have a GamesHub, but no Games in it.. That's a sneak peak by Zeao on the GamesHub. We're working with a lot of Mini-Games that suit you best! May the Person win...?
    What else more do you want..? Tell us! We'll try making it possible. :)

    Also, we made it possible, so when you vote, You can now have the option to: Choose a rank, Choose a kit, Weapons, armoury, Finally fixed XP. You now get 489 XP by voting! You can choose: Diamond rank: Diamond set of Armour, and diamond sword! Gold Rank: Gold set of armour, And a gold sword! Builder: Now, a lot of people may be wondering: 'is this a staff rank?!' No, it's not. From this rank, you get: Builder kit and Building supplies to build your Awesome Faction base! Bows and Arrows: When you join (Instantly after voting) You will now get: Bow and arrows! We're working on Very much of a awesome Update coming soon with more To do with Voting rewards!

    We currently don't have any Donation ranks due to the EULA, We're working on them as best as we can so we don't break the EULA rules!

    Future updates:
    Okay, as always, we work on A lot of updates as best as we possibly can!
    We will be working on:
    Donation ranks
    More voting system
    More compatibility with 0.15.0 and In general!
    Updating Factions plugin. (May take a while)
    New MCPE version releases, A lot of bug fixes will be done.
    More bug fixes! Along the way! :)
    Make sure Everyone get's the bug fixes they want!
    More security! Everyones safe then!

    IP: Port: 32670

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