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How to Run PocketMine on android effecientley.

Comments in 'General Discussion' started by Goerick, May 8, 2015.

  1. Goerick

    Goerick Active Member

    Jan 24, 2014
    Minecraft User:
    So many of those people who are too poor or have a pitiful excuse why they can't run pocketmine from a hoster or even a laptop/desktop so here is my guide for those who have android devices! (Sorry IOS scrubs but PM is unavailable).

    1) First download PocketMine Or Droid PocketMine from the playstore.

    2) Install it.

    3) Port fowarding it Unless your going to keep it internally.

    4) Root your device and do all the backups and SU configuration. Not responsible for voiding warranty

    5) Get Greenify from the playstore and install it.

    6) Kill all running apps that are not essential to your OS.

    7) Make a Cooler. Recommended to run 8 volts and use batteries or a USB (5v). Use a CPU fan. Then place your android on top of the fan. Remember to take you case off and turn down the brightness or turn it off.

    8) Get your android and charge it for an indefinite time.

    9) Keep your PM running even when turned off with root apps.

    10) Turn on pocketmine and wallah! Now you have a PM server on an android! But keep reading.

    Do not run Pocketmine on an android. An android device isn't optimism for 24/7 server running and may degrade and ruin your Andoird. This tutorial is a joke tutorial. Never ever run pocketmine on an android. It is horribly ineffecient and very very slow (processor and it's wireless). There are other factors why it is terrible to run Pocketmine on android but these are a few reason. DO NOT RUN POCKETMINE ON ANDROID. Your going to make alot of people mad on your androis server because of the horrible lag and let's not talk about world size and complexity (chunks) and auth plugins...
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