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Games Aggression

Comments in 'Servers' started by shigo, May 7, 2016.

  1. shigo

    shigo New Member

    May 7, 2016
    Minecraft User:
    --- Aggression (tentative name) ---

    Note: I used the google translation





    Base invasion type PvP.

    There are each military stronghold in the four corners of the stage, also in the surrounding area that there is a "facility".
    In addition to the center of the stage it is equipped with a "rail gun", given the large damage to the home of the core if fired.

    【 Facility】

    The deepest part or central part of the "facilities", there is a "flag", a facility suppression complete if it to the army color.
    If the suppression of the facility, so it is also possible that the place sortie base, it can be said that the facility is intended to hold the key to the battle.

    【 flag】

    Around the "flag", there is a ring made of wool, if there are players in the ring (not self-team), automatically initiates a base elimination phase. If the base elimination phase is complete (approximately 10 seconds), the base becomes a suppression completion.

    【 Home】

    There is a core (End stone) in the home, it was a certain number of times destroyed, if the HP of the core to 0, the home suppression completion.

    Note: For game rules

    The end of the game if three basic military home is overwhelmed.
    Time limit and the like are not particularly defined.
    If the home is destroyed, for no longer even management rights of its army had conquered "facility", the flag is in a state of "colorless".

    【 Railgun】

    Are installed in the center of the field, large damage to the home of the core of the enemy at random if you use (number is under consideration) give.
    An activation device textured Nether crystal block, you can fire by tapping it.
    As described above, in order to give a large damage to the home, is a facility that holds the battle of the key.
    This property only exceptionally flag is not installed.
    So, the battle of pure armed.


    It is expected to mimic the stage a military base and battlefield of the contemporary.

    【 Occupation】 (candidate)

    That of the profession here, referred to as a "corps".
    The first time you log in to the server, but can be a corps selection for free, also when it becomes want to select a different corps, obligation to pay the money (in-game currency) as a "corps qualification lecture tuition" occurs. (It should be noted that delivery is automatic)

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