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Management Admin Begging On Servers

Comments in 'General Discussion' started by Goerick, Apr 6, 2015.

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  1. Goerick

    Goerick Active Member

    Jan 24, 2014
    Minecraft User:
    Just a little precaution to all server owners out there and those starting a server.

    Maybe a sticky ;)

    As pocketmine goes on and so does mcpe with its incredibly increasing amount of popularity in multiplayer, there is also a steep rise in "admin beggars".

    These notorious people, usually around age 6-13, are people who has nothing in common of helping your server 99 percent of the time. Im not saying that all people in this age group are beggars, they are usually situated in that group of age. Sure there are some great 13 year old admin and moderators out there but sometimes there isnt.

    What 99 percent admin beggar wants from your server:

    -Popularity amongst his/her local community.
    -Popularity on the server they are begging for admin.
    -Bragging rights.
    -Power of trolling.
    -Abusive powers for in game advantage.
    -And so on...

    How to spot an admin beggar When begging.

    -No reason why other than to kick or ban people.
    -No sense of devotion.
    -Always have some sort of social media network.
    -Giving their age.
    -Lots of irrelevant promises.
    -Ridiculous offers.
    -Alot of spelling or grammatical errors.
    -No seriouseness.
    -Caused troubles on other servers before.
    -Lots of abbreviation and Internet slang.
    -Use of "all caps."
    -Good at building.
    -Good at skills; usually parkour.
    -Awful attitude.
    -Try to act all overly nice.
    -Giving suggestions, usually balante and very vague/rude.

    Great example of admin begging:
    Screenshot_2015-04-05-21-07-34.png Screenshot_2015-04-05-21-11-01.png Screenshot_2015-04-05-21-11-46.png

    Why you shouldn't give an admin beggar power:

    -Can vandalize the server.
    -Can promote and give out exclusives to friends that gives then administrative power Thats usually a paid thing.
    -Can make a image of your server.
    -Kick/Ban rivaling people especially in PVP.
    -Can abuse commands.
    -Bring hatred towards your server.
    -Brag and taunt people in your server.
    -Can be an authoritarian.
    -Bossing people like slaves on your server or threatening them with a punishment.
    -Causes mass arguments Usually.
    -Can advertise other servers.
    -Ruin gameplay.
    -So On.

    What an admin beggar will do when you try to get rid of him/her:

    -Make multiple account. Promote them to administrative as well. That includes someone else aka their friends account.
    -Threats to shut your server down like a DDOS attack.
    -Attempts to log onto your account or other administrative accounts.
    -Mass griefing.
    -Banning spree.
    -Vandalizing your server.
    -Recruiting his/her friends and doing malicious things on your server (abusing, unbanning, etc).
    -Giving out administrative privileges and in game exclusive to all people or most on your server to andccountttempt to make chaos that andccountttemptffect your server on a long term.
    -Attempting to hijacking your server.

    How to spot an admin beggar amongst your admins on your server.

    -Promoting his/her friends on the server.

    More Edits and adding coming soon.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2015
  2. Goerick

    Goerick Active Member

    Jan 24, 2014
    Minecraft User:
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