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WorldGM 9.0

Set different gamemodes for different worlds

  1. Ok... Fixed player joining crashes

    - Finally fixed the crash when player joins. (Yes, bad practice, but it works)
    - Fixed the bug where the /wgm command does not set gamemodes

    (Thanks to a special contributor for helping with this update, I forgot the name...)
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  2. Lets try this

    Hopefully fixed the major crash when players join the server

    If you cant set the worldmode through the /wgm command, set it through the config.
  3. Bunches of bug fixes

    Fixed bugs and crashes, along with cleaning up the project and removing unnecessary code (PEMapModder helped with this)
  4. Bug fixes and improvements

    - Removed Bad Practices
    - Updated various messages
  5. Added a main usage

    Added a usage message when one does /wgm