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WorldGM 9.0

Set different gamemodes for different worlds

  1. WorldGM v9.0

    • Support for the latest Pocketmine builds
    • Fixes an issue where players' gamemodes aren't set on world change
    • Removed a broken method (getWorldGamemode(), which was the root of most problems)
    • Bumped version
    • Restarted development on this plugin, I now offer support for it (only for the latest versions)

    NOTICE: If you are getting ArrayOutOfBoundsException: "Undefined index" (E_NOTICE) errors, it means that you forgot to set the gamemode...
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  2. WorldGM v8.0

    • Fixed an issue with gamemode setting
    • Added 2 new commands: /s and /c
    • /s: Sets your gamemode to Survival (Can only be ran by the player)
    • /c: Sets your gamemode to Creative (Can only be ran by the player)
    • Full Pocketmine 1.5 support
    • 2 new permissions: wgm.survival and wgm.creative
    • Permission wgm.survival allows players to use /s
    • Permission wgm.creative allows players to use...
  3. WorldGM v7.0

    • (semi) Supported for Pocketmine 1.5/MCPE 0.11.0
    • /wgm update - Check for WorldGM updates
    • Few bug fixes, especially with World switching
    • Bit of cleanup
    • Removed all auto-op-exluding = It did not work properly and caused a huge mess. (Was a plan I had originally)
  4. WorldGM v6.1

    • Fixed a crash when running the command /wgm set
    • Small changes
  5. WorldGM v6.0

    • /wgm gm - Lists available gamemodes that you can set your world to, along with their number codes.
    • Re-added some bad practice, as it is (for some reason) the only way for it to work properly
    • The plugin now Auto-excludes OPs (Testing)
    • The plugin sends a message to players when their gamemode changes (Kinda pointless right now, but when Mojang fixes gamemode crashes, it will have some use)
  6. WorldGM v5.0

    • New sub-command: /wgm check = Check the gamemodes of all online players, along with the worlds they are in.
    • The main command menu now looks more beautiful!
    • Bad practice completely removed
    • Fixed some more errors
    • /wgm version now has colors
    • Small cleanup
    • Updated main usage
    • Even more bug fixes
    • Lots more hugs :D
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  7. WorldGM v4.1

    • New sub-command: /wgm version = Check the version of WorldGM you are using
    • Fixed some errors
    • Small improvements
  8. WorldGM v4.0

    • New help menu
    • Colors :D
    • Fixed bug with survival/creative switching
    • Fixed the "world does not exist bug"
    • Console support

    • Removed Bad practice
    • Changed some small things
    • Moar bug fixes
    • Compressed more, so it should take up less memory
    • More hugs :)
  9. WorldGM 3.0

    - Fixed gamemode changing. THE PLUGIN FINALLY WORKS NOW :D
    - Improved messages
    - Prettier (unset) Config
    - New permission setup: wgm.use
    - You no longer have to type the world. You must be in the world you want to set
    - New config format (be sure to copy over if you have an older version!
    - API and version bump

    >> I will be working on this plugin again! If you find any issues, DO NOT use the reviews or the forums, use the issue tracker...
  10. Version 2.0

    Still have not fixed the creative mode bug, but here are some things I did fix.

    - Updated API version to the latest
    - Fixed up the messages
    - Cleaned up plugin.yml

    If you know how to fix the creative mode bug, please make a pull request on the github repo.