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WalkingParticles 2.2.4

An advanced particle trail plugin :D

  1. WalkingParticles v2.2.4 update

    WalkingParticles v2.2.4 Update

    - Greatly reduced file size
    - Added a command for config and data reload.
  2. WalkingParticles v2.2.3

    WalkingParticles v2.2.3 Update

    Bug fixes:
    - Fixed unable to load the plugin in v2.2.2
  3. WalkingParticles v2.2.2

    WalkingParticles v2.2.2 Update

    New Features:
    - none

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixes '/wptry' command error
  4. WalkingParticles v2.2.1

    WalkingParticles v2.2.1 update

    New features:
    - none

    Removed features:
    - Lineheight (temporary)
    - Disabled-worlds (temporary)
  5. WalkingParticles v2.2.0

    WalkingParticles v2.2.0 Bumped Update

    New features:
    - Removed Update Checker
    - Added lineheight feature (e.g. if the height is 2, there will be particles appearing from height 1.1-2)
    - Added package checker
    - Added an event for devs
    - Added world options. You can customize whether show particles in a specified world or not
    Bug fixes:
    - Fixed economy loading bug

  6. WalkingParticles v2.1.0

    WalkingParticles v2.1.0

    New features
    - Supports VanishNoPacket
    - Better configurations
    - Option to disable/enable particle effects on each player
    - Fixed a lot of API bugs
    - Fixed permission bug of '/wprand' and '/wpitem'
    - Option to have particle effects in certain worlds only (Can be enable/disabled) (Default is disabled)
    - Prevent errors, player data will be generated when the are logging into the server, instead of...
  7. WalkingParticles v2.0.0 beta

    WalkingParticles v2.0.0 beta

    New features:

    - Support PocketMine 1.6 (API 1.13.0/2.0.0+)
    - v2.0.0 only support PocketMine 1.6 (API 1.13.0)
    - v2.0.0 doesn't support PocketMine 1.5 (API 1.12.0)
    - Sign and main-command new alias! ('/walkp' , '[Walkp]')
    - More sub-commands, much functional!
    - set
    - version
    - checkupdate
    etc.. Look at '/walkp help' and '/walkp help 2'
    - More commands! (check the...
  8. WalkingParticles v1.0.2 final

    Bug fixes:
    - Fixed array related bugs
    - Code clean-up

    Note: This version will(may) be the last version of 1.0 and the next will be 2.0, which is for PocketMine 1.6
  9. WalkingParticles v1.0.1 final

    - Fixed bugs
    - Adjust display of particles (Looking better)
    - Reduces file size (In v1.0.0#final I compressed with the license file...)
  10. WalkingParticles v1.0.0 final

    All bugs have been fixed.
    (Maybe there will be 1.0.1 for a bit adjustment to the display of the particles)