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VoteBan v1.0.3

Let the players vote for server actions!

  1. GmWM
    For PocketMine-MP:

    by GmWM


    ★ Desctiption ★
    You're going to your server everyday to ban / kick players, because you get annoying messages from other players that tell you to ban some players? Now you can relax and let other players do your job. VoteBan allows players to vote for a specific player to be banned or kicked.

    ⚡ Installation ⚡
    Drop the Phar file into your plugins folder and start or restart the server. Config will be created.

    ✚ Commands ✚
    /v ban <player> - Vote for a player to be banned.
    /v kick <player> - Vote for a player to be kicked.

    ❰ Permissions ❱
    voteban.command - Permission for all plugin commands.
    voteban.command.ban - Permission for /vote ban command.
    voteban.command.kick - Permission for /vote kick command.

    ✐ Config ✐
    This is the default plugin configuration.
    ban-count: 10
    kick-count: 5
    kick-reason: &cPlayers voted you to be kicked.

    Ban-count -> Minimum amount of votes for a player to be banned.
    Kick-count -> Minimum amount of votes for a player to be kicked.
    Kick-reason -> Kick reason. (Color Support)

    ♛ Trophies ♛
    Beginning - 100 dl. -
    Downloads Addicted - 500 dl. -
    We need to get more - 1.000 dl. -
    'Administrative' Tool - 5.000 dl. -
    Unbelievable - 10.000 dl. -
    Officially Forum Hit - 50.000 dl.
    PWNED! - 100.000 dl.

    Thank you for downloading VoteBan. More updates are comming soon.
    Thanks - GmWM
    Alternate Categories:
    • Admin Tools
    Plugin Access:
    • Commands

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Recent Reviews

  1. Bladerunner2001
    Version: v1.0.3
    Thank you, This plugin has helped advance security on my server and made the server unique. Not only do players say "wow your server is really nice i cannot believe i'm aloud to vote to ban players" but has also helped ban many hackers when staff were not online. =D
    Thanks so much for this plugin.
    5 stars a server must have.
    1. GmWM
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much!
      I am glad that people like this plugin so much.
      Hopefully in the near future I will update it and add some more features.
  2. EschieEsh
    Version: v1.0.3
    Hey again. Sorry for the old review, because today I came here after long time and realized that I didnt give you the suggestion in my old review, which is my bad. Sorry. I forgot. Here are they :

    Yeah if someone gets banned for no reason, he will be unbanned but it can be made more easier if you wish, but with harder work. So here are my 4 suggestions :

    1. [Not sure if implemented]
    After you vote for a player to be banned, you should limit him from voting for another player until the time-limit passes. You should wait 3 [or editable in config] minutes before you can vote-ban another player.

    2. After you vote for a player to be banned, the victim should recieve a colored message that the sender has voted for him to be banned.

    3. You need to get the client ID of the sender. This way you can stop him/her from voting for the same player several times. Even if the sender changes his IP and Username, he/she wont be able to vote for the same player more than once.

    4. [Not sure if implemented]
    After a server restart [true,false] or after several hours
    [configurable in the config] for example : 24,
    it is a good idea to reset the vote-ban count for each voted player to 0 . If the vote-ban count gets reset, you should also allow the senders to vote for ANY player which means : in this case, ignore Suggestion 3.

    Here are my suggestions. It is not that hard to be done, but of course, it requires work. If these suggestions are goingto be implemented, I think this will be a great Vote-Ban plugin, which wont need any functional updates in the future, unless I screwed up something in my suggestions, but I dont think so. You are on your own now.

    Now a reply to Mr. HeroesPE.
    You are not supposed to talk about off-topic things in a plugin review. In a plugin review, you talk about the plugin. You are also not supposed to insult other people in reviews.
    Just to acknowleadge you : Your review has been reported by me. Rekt.

    - Esc
    1. GmWM
      Author's Response
      Hello again too!
      I'm not sure what made you 'change' your review but I need to thank you.

      And about your suggestions, these are the best and usefull suggestions that someone told me while VoteBan exists.
      So let me introduce the new version of VoteBan - only because of you.

      Players should have now unique clients ID, in order for them to not to be banned from other Usernames. This is the best feature that comes handy.

      The colored message will be implemented. Thought about it, but never implemented. So for now, voted players should get a message.

      Thank you again and let the past behind.
      - GmWM
  3. HeroesPE
    Version: v1.0.3
    Damn, you rekt that EschieEsh kid xD

    Love this plugin :D now I don't have to worry when i'm away from my server!
    1. GmWM
      Author's Response
      Yep, I know right...(don't continue).

      Thanks! That's why I made the plugin. For owners who are too busy to administrate the server everyday.
      After all, if a players gets banned for no reason, you can still unban him. :)

      Thanks again! :D
  4. underfined_
    Version: v1.0.3
    Wonderful plugin! But...

    Can u make amount needed to kick a player is determined to online , divided by the number in the config?
    1. GmWM
      Author's Response
      Like percentage? Probably I'll make a new system.
  5. pomee4
    Version: v1.0.2
    Good plugin :) can u add /v mute function with a configurable time period ? it would be handsome
    1. GmWM
      Author's Response
      Wow. That's a really good suggestion. Thanks! :D
  6. xXCyrerXx
    Version: v1.0.2
    Kick Reason: &4&lxXCyrerXx Is Handsome
    1. GmWM
      Author's Response
  7. GetAway
    Version: v1.0.2
    Works as advertised ;)
    Would be great if you could add a timer to it for example 5-10 mins for each /v ban/kick.
    Just a suggestion. ;)
    1. GmWM
      Author's Response
      Thank you. I'll keep your suggestion.
  8. CsNle
    Version: v1.0.2
    Very useful!Thanks!
    1. GmWM
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  9. Barrington
    Version: v1.0.0
    awesome :)
    1. GmWM
      Author's Response
      Thank you! I appreciate it.
  10. EschieEsh
    Version: v1.0.0
    Made good but you didnt think of the consequences. What will happen if I make 10 accounts (IGNs), join the game with each of them and /vote the same player for ban 10 times? Boom. The player is banned. We can ban any player we want that way. Even admins. You know how easy it is to change your game-name. It takes only seconds.

    This plugin will harm the security of any server out there but I will give 3 stars for the work. Please think in the feature when submitting plugins like that.
    1. GmWM
      Author's Response
      I'm not responsible for your server (security and other stuff). I made this for people who need it. If you don't need it and you think that your players will bring problems to your server with it, then don't download it for your server.

      I think that is completely your problem what you'll do with it and completely different for what the plugin it is supposed to do.

      That is not a good argument for a 3 stars review.

      'I will give 3 stars for the work. Please think in the future when submitting plugins like that.' - EschieEsh
      You should not download it then reviewing wrong my plugin.
      Or you should do it by yourself if you don't like others work, if you're so ... so GENIUS.

      Thank you for your review' .