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Vanish (No Packet) 1.0.0

Easily hide from other players... Or even hide other players!

  1. iksaku
    For PocketMine-MP:
    1.5 (API 1.12.0+)
    Very easy to use tool... Just drop in your plugins folder and you're ready to go!

    If you have any issues with this plugin, or you want to report a bug, please consider taking a look at the Bug Reporter page :3

    The plugin is very easy to use... Just one command: /vanish. Simple to use and uses the same logic as the one in EssentialsPE, but without using "Player Effects".

    Also, there are just 2 permission nodes:
    • vanish:
      • Allow the use of the /vanish command.
    • vanish.other:
      • Allo to vanish other players with the command vanish <player>.

    If this is not enough... This plugin is 100% comaptible with EssentialsPE!

    Also, we implemented an easy to use API for plugin developers... And it works directly with EssentialsPE's one, so if EssentialsPE is available, the API will be rdirected to the one provided by EssentialsPE.
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