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Outdated UPvP 2.0

Powerfull PvP Manager

Player commands:
  • /pvp - changes your pvp status
  • /pvp list - shows list of players, who are in PvP/noPvP mode
  • /pvp rank - shows your rank
Admin commands:
  • /upvp - master command
  • /upvp set on/off - turns on/off PvP on the server
  • /upvp reload - reloads config
  • /upvp save - saves config
  • /upvp rank @player - shows @player's rank
pvp-announce: "true" -if player change his status, it will be broadcasted
pvp-night: "true" -at night all players are in PvP mode

msg: - here you can translate messages

1-name: "1" - displayed name of first level
1-exp: "0" -minimum exp to reach level
2-name: "2"
2-exp: "5"
3-name: "3"
3-exp: "20"
4-name: "4"
4-exp: "50"
5-name: "5"
5-exp: "100"
announce: "true" - announce, when player gets new level