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TheDropper 1.0.0

Play TheDropper now on PE!

/td addarena <worldname> <amount>
Sets up "worldname" as a TheDropper arena with "amount" Levels/Spawns. You will be teleported to the worldspawn in that arena, then just follow the instructions in the chat.

/td regsign <worldname> <line3> <line4>
-> Lets you register a sign for "worldname". You then just need to click on a sign. The sign will look like this:
Line1: prefix[configurable]
Line2: "worldname"
Line3: "line3"
Line4: "line4"

If you did not set "line3" or/and "line4" in the command, they'll be empty.


-> Lets you execute all commands with /td
-> Default: op

The config firstly contains "prefix", where you can edit the Plugin's prefix which will be displayed on all signs. Everything else in the config is only there for saving.