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SubSigns! 1.0

Shows your Subscriber Count on a Sign!

  1. Samueljh1
    For PocketMine-MP:
    PocketMine-MP Alpha_1.4 API 1.9.0
    This Plugin allows you to show your subscriber count on a sign! (There used to be a plugin for this - but now it's outdated! Please Don't Hate me @DinoKiller :p)

    How To USE:

    This Plugin is Very Easy to Use.

    1: Place a Sign
    2: On the First Line, Enter the Sub Prefix (Which, by default is [Subs] ).
    3: On the Line Below, Enter a Youtuber's Username. (Warning: The Name Must be the original name of the account (the name the account was made with).

    Note: Most People Don't Change their names - so don't worry :)

    4: After writing the username, close the sign menu (where you write the text).

    5: Watch in amazement as the line under the username magically turns into their sub count!

    Sign Layout Example:

    Here is an example of what a SubSign should look like with the default Settings:

    (Ignore the Bullets)
    • [Subs]
    • Samueljh1

    When Placed, the Sign will look like this:

    • [Subs]
    • Samueljh1
    • 6357

    Config File:

    There are three options in the config.yml. They Are:

    sign-prefix: "[Subs]"
    op-create: "true"
    non-op-create-fail-message: "You do not have Permission to Create a SubSign!"
    They are very self-explanatory, but here is what they do anyway:

    sign-prefix: What will be typed on the first line of a sign to make it a SubSign.

    op-create: If an OP is required to make SubSigns.

    non-op-create-fail-message: The message a non-op player would receive if they tried to make a SubSign when op-create is set to "true".

    Please Let me Know about any bugs and feel free to leave suggestions! :D
    Alternate Categories:
    • Informational
    • Miscellaneous
    Plugin Access:
    • Internet Services
    • Commands
    • Data Saving
    • Tile Entities
    • Manages Worlds
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Recent Reviews

  1. Jean20B
    Version: 1.0
    Doesn't work on 0.13.1.
  2. thebigsmileXD
    Version: 1.0
    It only works partly..
    when you have a username (in my case: "Dan, thebigsmileXD") and it doesn't fit on the line.. well.. then it would never work.
    it would be nice if you can use the other lines (3&4) for the name also.
  3. BorbingoBoy
    Version: 1.0
    Looks like it just does not work..........
  4. Domme3011
    Version: 1.0
    All Subs numbers are false or the sign show "error"! :(
    1. Samueljh1
      Author's Response
      That means the user doesn't exist.
  5. Gamecrafter
    Version: 1.0
    I like this plugin, but like @PEMapModder said, you have to use async instead of just event listeners.
  6. Dinokiller
    Version: 1.0
    It's good and I like how you have added a changeable sign prefix because as far as I remember, mine didn't have that. Although as @PEMapModder you could have made it async. Even in the original plugin I was going to add async. But 1.3 limitations made it unsafe. Great plugin though ;)
    1. Samueljh1
      Author's Response
      Thanks :P
  7. PEMapModder
    Version: 1.0
    Not really good. HTTP GET requests should be processed in AsyncTasks/other threads rather than in a SignChangeEvent handler. You mayn't realize the problem since plugin calls to your own host and you may be running on the same host.
    1. Samueljh1
      Author's Response
      Ik, I tried doing async, but for some reason I couldn't get the public variables in the async class! (:( )