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Hit entities to run commands!


- /slapper [args...]
- /nothing - Does nothing! This is the default fallback command.
- /rca <player> <command> - Run command as another player! This can be used to only run the command if the player has permission.

Main level commands:
- help: /slapper help
- spawn: /slapper spawn <type> [name]
- edit: /slapper edit [id] [args...]
- id: /slapper id
- remove: /slapper remove [id]
- version: /slapper version
- cancel: /slapper cancel
- updateall: /slapper updateall

Edit args:
- helmet: /slapper edit <eid> helmet <id>

- chestplate: /slapper edit <eid> <id>

- leggings: /slapper edit <eid> leggings <id>

- boots: /slapper edit <eid> boots <id>

- skin: /slapper edit <eid> skin

- name: /slapper edit <eid> name <name>

- addcommand: /slapper edit <eid> addcommand <command>

- delcommand: /slapper edit <eid> delcommand <command>

- listcommands: /slapper edit <eid> listcommands

- update: /slapper edit <eid> update

- block: /slapper edit <eid> block <id>

- tphere: /slapper edit <eid> tphere

- tpto: /slapper edit <eid> tpto

- menuname: /slapper edit <eid> menuname <name/remove>
helmet: helm, helmet, head, hat, cap
chestplate: chest, shirt, chestplate
leggings: pants, legs, leggings
boots: feet, boots, shoes
item: hand, item, holding, arm, held
skin: setskin, changeskin, editskin, skin
name: name, customname
menuname: listname, nameonlist, menuname
namevisible: namevisible, customnamevisible, tagvisible, name_visible, custom_name_visible, tag_visible
addcommand: addc, adduced, add command
delcommand: delc, delcmd, delcommand, remove command
listcommands: listcommands, listcmds, listcs
fix: update, fix, migrate
block: block, tile, blockid, tileid
tphere: teleporthere, tphere, movehere, bringer
tpto: teleportto, tpto, goto, teleport, tp