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SimpleAuthHelper 2.0.4

Simplifies the SimpleAuth login process

  1. 2.0.4 - event-fixer fix

    Disabled the CraftItem event in event-fixer.
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  2. 2.0.3: Password disclosure work-around

    Works around bugs in SimleAuth that makes users' passwords visible.
  3. 2.0.2: Added translation

    • Added a zho.ini (中文) message file. (Contributed by @edwinyoo44, closes #27 )
    • Added a deu.ini (German) message file. (Contributed by @thebigsmileXD)
    • Documentation and library updates.
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  4. 2.0.1: language defaults

    BugFix: make sure that languages default to English (reported by @minebuilder0110)
  5. 2.0.0: Partial Rewrite

    • 2.0.0: Major upgrade
      • uses now a common translation library
      • Removed little used feature: nest-egg
      • leet-mode also works for /register.
      • Removed auto-ban. It is now done in SimpleAuth.
      • Added support for hiding unauthenticated players (Suggested by @CaptainKenji17)
      • Added pre-register and logout command
      • forces permissions to be set
      • Added a task to monitor database server status
      • Thanks @rvachvg for helping debug this.
  6. Additional features

    Prevent players from chatting away their passwords.
    Allow players to use "/login" to login.
  7. Auto Ban

    Bans players that do multiple login attempts.

    Prevents against brute-force attacks. You need to enable this in the config.
  8. CallbackTask Deprecation Warning

    • Removed CallbackTask deprecation warnings
    • Suggestion from MCPEPIG
      • kick user out after `max-attempts`.
      • Added a chpwd command.
    • Kick user out if not authenticated after `timeout` seconds.
    • Added resetpwd command for ops
    • Added nest-egg functionality
    • Messages can be configured.