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SignPortal 1.1.2

Simple and lightweight multiworld portal plugin

  1. New features and bug fixes

    • Fixed multiple fatal crashes
    • Fixed falsely firing error message
    • Added new features
      • OP only creation of portals
      • Creation of portal only if all requirements are met:
        • World name is given
        • World exists
      • A few more messages
  2. Bug fixes

    • Fixed annoying world not found error message always firing
    • Attempted a fix for a crash which I have not yet been able to duplicate
      • It would be helpful if server owners can notify me of the circumstances in which the server crashes
    • Added a few more messages to the player
  3. 1.4 compatibility

    • Rewritten using the new API
    • Removed signportal abuse features due to incomplete API
    • Added simple /generate command for testing
    Please be aware that inter-world teleportation in the latest PocketMine is very glitchy and should be used sparsely.
  4. Bug fixes, plugin now works

    Fixed bugs and removed permissions system.
    Also removed permissionsplus integration.
  5. Added permissions system

    You can now limit who can make portals without using PermissionPlus.