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SignPortal 1.1.2

Simple and lightweight multiworld portal plugin

  1. Why doesn't my sign work?
    • Make sure you follow the correct format and don't actually put the brackets (< and >) in the world name.
  2. Can you add $feature?
    • I'll see what I can do, ask me through the thread and I'll reply ASAP with an answer :)
  3. Where's the feature that limits non-op players from breaking and making SignPortals?
    • Limitation of non-op players creating portal is implemented in the latest release (1.1.2). I will add portal breaking prevention sometime later.
  4. What's /generate for?
    • /generate was for me to test the generation of new worlds. Since the SimpleWorlds plugin is not yet ported to the new API, I decided to leave it in the release. Tread carefully when using this command though...
  5. Why don't the chunks load when teleporting to other worlds?
    • I believe this is a PocketMine problem in it's incomplete implementation of multiworlds. I may be wrong, it could be a client side problem, but I'm sure it's not the plugin's problem and there's nothing I can do :)
  6. Why are there two versions of the plugin with the same version number?
    • Yeah....about that... They're two completely different versions, but I forgot to update the version number :p
  • I found a bug...
    • Open an issue on the GitHub repo or post on the plugin thread and I'll get back to you ASAP :)
  • Why are you so awesome?
    • I am? ;)
  • $otherquestion? or $request
    • Feel free to PM me on the forums or pop me an email. Asking on the plugin thread or opening an issue on the github repository are also viable options. Contacting me through twitter can also be useful.