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Outdated SignConsole 3.0.0

Tap a commanded sign to run.

  1. Omattyao
    Tap a sign written commands on, and it is running!

    How to use:
    write commands in reference to this format: //<commands...>

    tap it!

    - Support for API10
    - source

Recent Reviews

  1. 0becca0
    Version: 3.0.0
    this has HUGE problems, you should make it so only OP people can put down the signs..! had everyone exploting OP commands using these signs . are you able to make this plugin only to be usded by OP or is there any way to change it to only OP can use this sign plugin?
  2. shoghicp
    Version: 3.0.0
    You could modify this so commands can be run by the console (bypass permissions, TP to worlds, give items) and save the command in the plugin itself, editing the command via command (edit -> tap to add the command to sign)
    1. Omattyao
      Author's Response