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ServerMail 0.0.2

I'ts a virtual post office for your server!

  1. New Stuff

    • Added 'sendall' so you can broadcast messages to everyone.
    • Moved strings to messages.yml to make translations easier
    • Online Players can get notified of new messages when they're sent.
  2. API 1.0.0!!!

    • Upgraded to API 1.0.0!
    • Other plugins can use \tschrock\ServerMailAPI:: to work with messages.
    • Now on GitHub!
  3. Spam protection and stuff

    • Added some spam protection:
      • You can set the maximum number of messages that can be sent from one player to another player.
      • You can block messages that are similar to sent messages.
        • For example: If someone sends a player "Hi", they can't send another to them that says "Hiiiiiiiiiiii".
        • This isn't very accurate sometimes, I'll work on that.
    • You can send mail from the console. (Sender will be "Console").
    • Working towards an update for 1.4!...