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ReportRTS Pocket Edition 1.1.3

The Pocket Edition rewrite of the easy to use support ticket system for Minecraft.

  1. Crash fix.

    Fixes a server crash issues under the following cirumstances:
    • Plugin attempts to close the data-provider when it is null (typically happens if a connection fails).
    • Plugin attempts to load tickets with a status above (0/open) when using the FlintstoneDB data-provider.
  2. Bugfix update

    This update corrects an issue where the plugin would display the incorrect message upon putting a ticket on hold.
  3. Optimization for MySQL

    • Recently used Users from MySQL is now cached. So instead of querying for their information every command, it will simply be retrieved from the cache instead.
    • Both SQL resources are now closed when they are no longer of use.
  4. Flatfile support. MySQL no longer required.

    Changes in this release:
    • Optimization for MySQL enabled servers.
    • MySQL specific code has been removed from non-MySQL specific classes.
    • Implemented support for flatfiles. This is blazing fast on servers with not too many thousands of tickets.
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  5. LoginTask fixes.

    This build fixes the LoginTask that previously would not fire, thus not notifying a player about their ticket's completion.