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RealTime 2.1.1

Lock time

  1. Fix small bugs

    Fix permissions bug, replace CallBackTask method.
  2. New commands - Bug Fix !

    New commands !
    /rt lock Locks time to the current tick
    /rt enable Enable RealTime, set the time in game based on server time (for the moment)

    By default, time is broadcasted every 5 minutes. Can be disabled in the config by setting 'Tell time' to false.

    Time is now checked every 6 seconds to be sure that it's not unlocked when it's supposed to be locked.
  3. Fix some bugs

    Fix Sunset/sunrise
  4. New API ! Much more optimizated ! 2.0 !

    Hi ! After a long break, I updated RealTime to the new API ! Note : Some bugs remaining :

    - Time seems not locked until you reconnect
    - Default users can't use /hour
    - RealTime (12 hours day/ 12 hours night) is NOT available yet. You can only lock time to day/night/sunset/sunrise/disable

    Edit the time in the config it display an incorrect time.

    Commands :
    /rt day/night/sunset/sunrise/disable Lock the time in a certain period of the day
    /hour Tell the hour

    Enjoy ! Please do...
  5. Lag fix

    Fix lag in mode 3
  6. Console commands

    No more crash when you do the commad from console :)
  7. Multi world

    Thank you to falk for his help.

    -Added multi world support
    -Corrected bug when you start the plugin for the first time
    -Real time is now disabled by default

    . Don't forget to comment if you want something more !
  8. Fixing time + 24h

    Fixing a bug that tells you for exemple "it is 38:20"
  9. Fixed bug at midnight

    Just fixed a little bug at midnight.
  10. Oups - Command changing !

    /time is replace by /hour to be sure to have no conflict with /time set :D