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QRcraft 1.0.4

Create QR code panels in your world!

  1. Clodyx
    For PocketMine-MP:
    Plugin for PocketMine-MP for creating QR code panels (made from white and black wool blocks)

    Latest source and version on

    Screenshot_2015-01-05-18-41-02.png Screenshot_2015-01-05-18-41-19.png Screenshot_2015-01-05-18-44-45.png

    ONLY OPs during gameplay (creative preferred)
    /qr - shows help page
    /qrt <url> - test QR code text/url to count number of needed blocks (NxN)
    /qrc <url> [Auto|horizontal|vertical] - create QR code panel
    /qrl - list QR code panels IDs
    /qrd <ID> - delete QR code panel by ID (fills panel space with air)
    /qrp <ID> - teleports the player nearby QR code panel with specified ID

    "QR panel for '' will need 27x27 blocks"
    /qrc - begins the creation for specified url in auto mode
    "QR panel defined a (27x27) for ''"
    "Touch a block to create it!"
    - NOW the player has to touch another block to create the QR code panel.
    - the new panel will be created above touched block and to the player right side.
    - in auto mode, is player is inclined forward pointing downwards,
    the QR code panel will be generated horizontally,
    otherwise it will be generated vertically.
    "QR panel [1] created OK!"
    /qrc h - begins the creation for specified url in horizontal mode
    "QR panel defined h (27x27) for ''"
    "Touch a block to create it!"
    - now the player touches the block to build above.
    "QR panel [2] created OK!"
    /qrl - list current defined QR code panels
    "QR LIST"
    "[1] '' (27) x:10-y:20-z:30"
    "[2] '' (27) x:30-y:20-z:30"
    /qrd 2 - deletes the QR panel with ID 2
    "QR panel [2] deleted."
    /qrp 2 - teleports the player nearby QR panel with ID 2
    "You've been teleported nearby QR panel [2]."

    No configuration needed.

    Permission Default Description
    clodyx.plugin.qrcraft op Allows using the QRcraft plugin functionality
    Alternate Categories:
    • Fun
    • General
    • Informational
    • Miscellaneous
    • Teleportation
    • World Editing and Management
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