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Outdated PocketHungerGames alpha_0.0.8

Multiplayer gamesystem

  1. Omattyao
    For PocketMine-MP:
    #Commands for console:
    /hg run (field name) - enable this plugin
    - /hg stop - stop a game which is going on.
    - /hg state - show state of the current game.
    - /hg addfield <field name> - add a new field(stage).
    - /hg rmfield <field name> - remove a field.
    - /hg fieldinfo <field name> - show about a field.
    - /hg fieldlist - list fields.
    - /hg status -
    - /hg locktime
    - /hg record - show players record.
    - /hg protect <on | off> - .
    - /hg settime <mode> <time> - set playing hours.

    (mode(default): lobby(5min), invincible(30sec), play(17min))
    lobby: an interval between a game and a game
    invincible: invincible time after game begins.

    play: duration of a game
    ->[lobby]->[[invincible] play]->[finish]->
    - /hg setprize -
    - /hg marker <on | off> - place marakers of spawn points on your world.
    - /hg setlobby <field name> <x> <y> <z> - set a coordinate of lobby point.
    - /hg addpoint <filed name> <x> <y> <z> - add a coordinate of start point.
    - /hg rmpoint <field name> <point number> - remove a start point.
    - /hg - show help

    - /kit add <kit name> <price> (level) - add kit.
    - /kit rm <kit name> - remove kit.
    - /kit additem <kit name> <ItemID> (damage) (count) - add items to kit.
    - /kit list - show kit list.
    - /kit info <kit name> - show info about it.

    #Commands for in-game:
    - /hg - show info about you.
    - /kit - show info about kit.
    - /kit list - show kit list.
    - /kit <kitname> - buy kit.

    #How to start:
    Please don't use with other plugins as you can!
    1. type "/hg run"
    2. type "/hg addfield <field name>"
    3. type "/hg setlobby <field name> <x> <y> <z>"
    4. type "/hg addpoint <field name> <x> <y> <z>" a few times
    5. start MinecraftPE and join your server
    6. type "/hg marker on" and check points
    7. type "/hg marker off" and type "/hg run" to start HungerGames
    8. wait for starting a game. if you cannot wait, type "/hg start"
    9. enjoy!
    Alternate Categories:
    • General
    • Mechanics

Recent Reviews

  1. airplane_master
    Version: alpha_0.0.8
    Plz update the plugin and I'm giving it this rating because there are way to many glitches with it and right now it's not compatible with 0.14.0 at all
  2. huangge
    Version: alpha_0.0.8
    Some players were always invisible
    Some were not
  3. CookieSteve
    Version: alpha_0.0.8
    good plugin wish you didn't get kicked please update and get rid of that
  4. InsaneTemplar
    Version: alpha_0.0.8
    players are always invincible
  5. FDCS_FreedomKen
    Version: alpha_0.0.8
    Does not support multi-WORLD ,At the end of the system will be kicked out I NOT LIKE THIS ,,,,I LIKE 「lifeboat SERVER」OF Plugin
  6. Jon
    Version: alpha_0.0.8
    Why the world will not restore at the backup?
  7. Andrey Nazarchuk
    Andrey Nazarchuk
    Version: alpha_0.0.8
    will give 5 stars if its updated
  8. Exxarion
    Version: alpha_0.0.8
    I would rate 5 stars if this plugin didn't stop every 5 minutes or so.
  9. SnapFas
    Version: alpha_0.0.8
    Why when i put this plugin ,im in survival mode ? Trying to change but it dont changing.
  10. Goerick
    Version: alpha_0.0.8
    It would be great but it needs a lot of fixing and including...
    -auto chest fill-
    default should be
    lava, water, flint steel, diamond ore, iron ore, bread, apple, leather armor (full), chain armor (full), gold armor (full), iron armor (full), iron/gold/stone/wooden weapons (all). by all I mean every single item of that kind.

    -death match:
    /dm X Y Z

    -make a command for console giving free coins for donaters
    -gamemode glitches
    -anti spam leave/join

    otherwise pretty decent.