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PocketDockConsole v0.0.14

Administer your server like never before -- Because RCON was so retro

  1. Humerus
    For PocketMine-MP:
    PocketDockConsole -- Because RCON was so retro

    What does this plugin do?
    - Allows server admins to have a quick and easy way to administer their servers without the need for RCON
    - Gives admins the ability to manage their server from a familiar interface that they can access with ANY web browser (at least ones that have WebSockets)
    - Remove the need for other administration tools (you can see everything)
    - Give admins a way to have trusted users administer the server as if they were sitting at the console​

    PocketDockConsole is a plugin for PocketMine-MP with the following initiatives:
    - [x] Allow people to manage their servers quickly and easily
    - [x] Show the power of both PocketMine (and PHP)
    - [ ] Get people to make more awesome plugins
    - [x] Have some fun​

    How do I use this awesome plugin?
    1. Download the Phar file from either GitHub releases or the PocketMine Forums
    2. Drop it into your plugins/ folder
    3. Restart the server
    4. Edit the password and port in the config (password is important, the port can be left the same)
    5. Use a web browser to go to: http://<serverip>:<port>/ (serverip is the ip of the server and port is the port set in config.yml) and sign in to use the console (using the password in config.yml)
    6. And lastly, have fun!​

    Technologies used in this project
    1. WebSockets
    2. Term.js - By: Christopher Jeffrey []
    3. Some guidance from PHP-Push-WebSocket []
    4. Icon from []
    5. Wrench - By: @nicokaiser, @lemmingzshadow, and @mazhack []​
    Alternate Categories:
    • Admin Tools
    • Developer Tools
    Plugin Access:
    • Internet Services
    • Commands
    • Custom Threading

Recent Reviews

  1. PaulchenHD
    Version: v0.0.14
    awesome work ! :)
  2. Matthew_Chr
    Version: v0.0.14
    Nice plugin

    But my server crash because the plugin..

    last log:
    [13:33:45] [Server thread/CRITICAL]: Could not execute task PocketDockConsole\RunCommand: pthreads detected an attempt to connect to a PocketDockConsole\Attachment which has already been destroyed
    [13:33:45] [Server thread/CRITICAL]: RuntimeException: "pthreads detected an attempt to connect to a PocketDockConsole\Attachment which has already been destroyed" (EXCEPTION) in "/src/pocketmine/utils/MainLogger" at line 201

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'RuntimeException' with message 'pthreads detected an attempt to connect to a PocketDockConsole\Attachment which has already been destroyed' in phar://C:/Users/Tian/Downloads/PocketMine-MP/update-development.phar/src/pocketmine/utils/MainLogger.php on line 201

    RuntimeException: pthreads detected an attempt to connect to a PocketDockConsole\Attachment which has already been destroyed in phar://C:/Users/Tian/Downloads/PocketMine-MP/update-development.phar/src/pocketmine/utils/MainLogger.php on line 201

    Call Stack:
    1869.8389 18704296 1. pocketmine\Server->exceptionHandler() phar://C:/Users/Tian/Downloads/PocketMine-MP/update-development.phar/src/pocketmine/Server__32bit.php:0
    1869.8391 18705584 2. pocketmine\utils\MainLogger->logException() phar://C:/Users/Tian/Downloads/PocketMine-MP/update-development.phar/src/pocketmine/Server__32bit.php:2136
    1869.8393 18707992 3. pocketmine\utils\MainLogger->log() phar://C:/Users/Tian/Downloads/PocketMine-MP/update-development.phar/src/pocketmine/utils/MainLogger.php:141
    1869.8393 18707992 4. pocketmine\utils\MainLogger->critical() phar://C:/Users/Tian/Downloads/PocketMine-MP/update-development.phar/src/pocketmine/utils/MainLogger.php:156
    1869.8393 18708368 5. pocketmine\utils\MainLogger->send() phar://C:/Users/Tian/Downloads/PocketMine-MP/update-development.phar/src/pocketmine/utils/MainLogger.php:71

    [13:33:45] [Server thread/EMERGENCY]: An unrecoverable error has occurred and the server has crashed. Creating a crash dump
  3. Jankirby
    Version: v0.0.14
    Nice, i use it on my BETA server :)
  4. EmeraldGem585
    Version: v0.0.14
    it keeps telling me that I need to connect to the server, do I need to port forward?
    1. Humerus
      Author's Response
      Yes, you do. Please read the docs on how to use this plugin before leaving a bad review.
  5. amiremad
    Version: v0.0.14
    it works for only 10 min then i had to restart server or reload i use pocketmine 1.7 bleeding build
    1. Humerus
      Author's Response
      Try the new version, the issue should be fixed.
  6. ClanEmo
    Version: v0.0.14
    Awesome But..why every 10 min of not using the console and you try to login there again it says "Connection Refuse" and in order to work I do /reload to the server. :s
    1. Humerus
      Author's Response
      What version of PM do you use?
  7. Blaneplooster2
    Version: v0.0.14
    Plz update
  8. TheDeibo
    Version: v0.0.14
    I Love this Plugin, Always Keep it up! And, if you have updates, you must update too :P
    My friends also like this plugin, so they can control the server, where ever they like!
  9. edwinyoo44
    Version: v0.0.14
    I like it~~
  10. eeclark
    Version: v0.0.14
    Very easy to use. Have not tried out installing the Plugins via the tool but I am impressed with the UI. Nice job.