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Outdated PocketCalc 0.0.7

PocketCalc does simple math operations in game and in console!

  1. PocketCalc (uses $packet rather than $issuer.)

    Very small update
  2. PocketCalc

    Changed ceil(sqrt($arg[0])); to: round(sqrt($numone)); ;)
  3. PocketCalc (Square root added)

    You can now find the square root of the number specified, but I must warn you! it is using PHP's ceil so it's rounded to the closest number ;)
    Also fixed divide, but it only returns the answer. :)
  4. PocketCalc (Bug fixes :D)

    This small bug fix update fixes the problem where on some servers when you tried solving a problem it wouldn't output the answer. WOO FIXES :D
  5. PocketCalc 0.0.3

    Changed pocketcalc to PMF for better compression, so I can add scientific calc functions in the future. 800 Bytes :D
  6. PocketCalc 0.0.2

    Fixed a few things, changed to /add number + number
    /subtract number - number
    /multiply number * number
    /divide number / number
    Bugs: doesn't return error in console.