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OreFinder 1.0

Quickly locate ores, by scanning around you.

  1. Falk
    For PocketMine-MP:
    Alpha 1.4
    This plugin scans an area around you for ores. This can help you be a cheater :)

    When you type /ores the ores display will start. In order to close the display just tap any block. You can modify what ores are scanned for and the size of the scan in the config.yml. The size defines how many blocks in each direction. So if you set it to 8 your area would be larger than 8x8.

    /ores (orefinder.find)
    Plugin Access:
    • Commands
    • Data Saving
    • Items / Blocks

Recent Reviews

  1. ASDS28MC
    Version: 0.1
    Great for survival servers! Just add a OP-only option, cause my users took advantage of it.
    1. Falk
      Author's Response
      It is already OP only. I may add an option to give the power to specific users.