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Outdated NoStupidNames 0.1.2

Bid farewell to stupid names!

  1. Snake1999
    For PocketMine-MP:
    Have you ever met a name with "dirty words"?These names are unable to create a good playing environment.
    Have you ever met a name like "aaaaaaaaaaa"?These names are unpleasant and OP have to count for bans.
    But NOW,you with NoStupidNames can say goodbye to them!;)

    1.Download the plugin and copy it into /plugins.
    2.Run and stop the server to genrate the config.
    3.Edit the config and add new keywords for searching dirty words in names.
    4.Start the server and have fun without stupid names:)

    The config:
    If you have any advice,reply me.Thanks.

    COPYRIGHT 2009-2013 ASCStudio
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Recent Reviews

  1. A1legendofmcpc1A
    Version: 0.1.2
    Does it Ban People Or does it kick them?
    1. Snake1999
      Author's Response
      It kicks only.
  2. Darunia18
    Version: 0.1.2
    I like it a lot. This was something that completely slipped my mind until I noticed this plugin. Will be very useful for the future, but it would be nice if you could have custom kick messages. Great work :)
    1. Snake1999
      Author's Response
      Pocketmine and mcpe don't support kick messages now at 0.7.5.I'll add it after mcpe updates. Thanks for your reply.