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namingCaution 1.1-alpha

Expletives nickname access blocked!

  1. hmmmm
    For PocketMine-MP:
    Alpha_1.4.1(API 1.4.1)
    namingCaution 1.0 plugin

    if includes a word or expletives to nickname
    automatically kick from the server.

    Unlike the basic Ban, can possible joined
    be a user with a expletives nickname.
    (Does not show for that user 'JoinMessage' or 'QuitMessage'.)

    And sent to the user a warning message
    (for 5 seconds), and then kick the user.

    (can adjust plugins/namingCaution/list.yml)
    message: |-
    [CAUTION] You can't use this nickname
    "Kick processed automatically
    When the nickname changes, You can normally use
    names: []

    /nc add <nickname> - Add to list
    /nc del <nickname> - Delete to list
    /nc clear - Clear list
    /nc list - show up list

    Alternate Categories:
    • Admin Tools
    Plugin Access:
    • Commands
    • Entities

Recent Reviews

  1. Arizen
    Version: 1.1-alpha
    cool!!! it's very useful : DDD, but it's can't recognition [space]. fix it pls : D
  2. DeBe
    Version: 1.1-alpha
    Usefull ! ⓞ§ⓞ
    1. hmmmm
      Author's Response
      thanks~ :D
  3. goodholy
    Version: 1.1-alpha
    this plugin is the best i wish you will update this every version of pocketmine good job bro.
    1. hmmmm