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MoreCommands 1.1.4

Adds more, useful commands for server ops and admins.

  1. MoreCommands

    Fixes an error that appears in the console when executing a command for the first time (as a player or the console). Looks something like:
    Server][21:05:09][Server thread/CRITICAL]: "Could not pass event 'pocketmine\event\player\PlayerCommandPreprocessEvent' to 'MoreCommands v 1.1.3': illegal offset type un isset or empty on GlacierscreepsMC\morecommands\LastCommandListener
    [Server][21:06:15][Server thread/WARNING]: RunTimeException: "illegal offset type in isset or empty" (E_WARNING) in...
  2. MoreCommands v1.1.3

    Sorry guys for my stupidity lately -_-
    This fixes /unfreeze being mapped to the same command /freeze (meaning /unfreeze would just run /freeze, leaving frozen players un-unfreezable).

    I've tested all my commands for everything. Everything should be fine now, but if there's still any issues, let me know. :)
  3. MoreCommands v1.1.2

    Fixes the error caused by running /last history with an empty command history:
    "An unhandled exception has occured while running '/last history' at last: Undefined property: GlaciercreepsMC \ morecommands \ LastCommandListener :: $ emptyErrorMsg"
  4. MoreCommands v1.1.1

    Fixed /last not working correctly in the server console. Sorry about that! :p

    Also fixed the plugin version name (was 0.10.0).
  5. MoreCommands

    Added '/last' command, lets you repeat up to the last 10 previously run commands. Permissions are handled by the last (nth) command's owning plugin.

    Added '/uuid', to see your uuid and entity id, might be useful for admins/ops/plugin devs.

    Chat Colors! :D
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  6. MoreCommands

    • Add /slay command - basically /kill 's another player
    • Code cleanup
    • Use PlayerMoveEvent instead of EntityMoveEvent
    • Add in-game message if you try changing your gamemode to the one you already have
    • Now requires api 1.4.0. or above (latest stable release is above).

    • For anyone needing the plugin for api 1.1.0 and below, see my repo. Just press download zip, unzip it, and the phar should be in...
  7. MoreCommands v1.0.1

    1.0.1: Added permissions for using the /gm commands. All require op, like before.

    1.0.0 - Initial release