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Outdated Map Marker 0.2

Place a marker on the map

  1. ArcaneKnight97
    For PocketMine-MP:
    This is a plugin that lets the players add markers to the map. This is for navigation and helping players get around the world . When you use the place command the player's current X, Y and Z axis is added to the config file. After that the player can run around the map like headless chicken and not have to worry where they are going then use the show command to remind them where their marker was by giving them their X , Y and Z axis again. This is a helpful plugin if you wish to leave your hidden home but are worried you will loose your way to it or if you want to remember where spawn is or your friends house or any other important places you just cant remember where they are.

    0.1 - initial release
    0.2 - Added support for API 10 (Pocketmine 1.3.9)​

    Commands :

    /place [Marker name here]
    You can't use spaces so "My House" would have to be "My_house"​

    or something else that doesn't have a space.
    /show [Marker name here]

    NOTE: Anyone on the server who knows your marker name can use /show to see your marker because they are all saved in the same config file.

    NOTE: This plugin should used with my Coordinates plugin which you can get on the plugins list.

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