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KillRate 2.1.1

Keep track of the number of kills

This plugin supports PocketMoney, GoldStd, MassiveEconomy and EconomysAPI.

You can place signs showing current game statistics. The following sign types are available by default, by entering the keyword ([KEYWORD]) in LINE1 of the sign:

  • [STATS] - Current player statistics
  • [RANKINGS] - Top 3 players + scores
  • [ONLINE TOPS] - Top 3 on-line players + scores
  • [RANKNAMES] - Top 3 player names
  • [RANKPOINTS] - Top 3 player scores
  • [TOPNAMES] - Top 3 on-line player names
  • [TOPPOINTS] - Top 3 on-line player scores
Signs showing top players can be further customized by adding additional entries in the sign text:

  • LINE2 - Title, this will be the first line of the sign. If, however, you set it to"^^^"(Three consecutive^signs), the title will be omitted (and the sign will show a top 4).
  • LINE3 - What statistic to count. It defaults to points, but it can be changed to anything (for example,deaths,player, etc). Essentially the value here is the word on the left when you enter the command killrate stats.
  • LINE4 - format line, select a format out of the config.yml file's formats section.
In the formats section you have:

selector: format
The selector is a word that matches the text in LINE4 of the sign. The format can contain any text and the following variable substitutions:

  • {player} - player's name
  • {n} - rank number
  • {count} - score
  • {sname} - only the first 8 characters of the player's name
RankUp Support
To enable the ranks feature, the RankUp plugin is required. This provides a leveling up functionality. The following settings are recommended to be configured in RankUp's config.yml.

  • preferred-economy: null
    • This disables the economy support.KillRate will be ranking up, so you don't need to buy ranks.
  • ranks: Define your ranks as needed. Also the price for each rank are interpreted by KillRate as the amount of points needed to rank up.
Also, you should remove the permission rankup.rankup. This is used for the command to buy ranks. This is not needed as ranks are awarded by KillRate automatically.

The kill streak feature is used to track kill-streaks. If you enable you also need to define the min-kills in settings. If a player reaches this many victories in a row without dying he will be in a kill-streak and an additional bonus money gets awarded.

Permission Nodes
  • killrate.cmd: Give players access to KillRate command
  • killrate.cmd.stats: Access to stats command
  • killrate.cmd.stats.other (op): View other's stats
  • killrate.cmd.rank: View top players
  • killrate.cmd.give (op): Give points to players
  • (op): Allow to place KillRate signs
  • killrate.signs.use: Allow to use KillRate signs
Configuration is through the config.yml file. The following sections are defined.

  • backend: Use SQLiteMgr or MySqlMgr
  • MySql: MySQL settings. Only used if backend is MySqlMgr to configure MySql settings
  • signs: enable/disable signs
  • ranks: Enable support for RankUp plugin
  • achievements: Enable PocketMine achievements
  • kill-streak: Enable kill-streak tracking. tracks the number of kills without dying
  • rewards: award money. if true, money is awarded. Requires an economy plugin
Sign formats used to show sign data.

  • points: award points. if true points are awarded and tracked.
  • min-kills: Minimum number of kills before declaring a kill-streak
  • reset-on-death: Reset counters on death. Set to false to disable, otherwise the number of deaths till reset. When the player dies X number of times, scores will reset. (GAME OVER MAN!)
  • creative: track creative kills. if true, kills done by players in creative are scored
  • dynamic-updates: Update signs. Set to 0 or false to disable, otherwise sign update frequence in ticks
  • default-rank: Default rank (when resetting ranks) set to false to disable this feature
Placed signs text. These are used to configure sign texts. Place signs with the words on the left, and the sign type (on the right) will be created

Configure awards for the different type of kills. Format:

"entity": [ money, points ]
The entity ( * ) is the default.

This plugin will honour the server language configuration. The languages currently available are:

  • English
  • Spanish
You can provide your own message file by creating a file called messages.ini in the plugin config directory. Check github for sample files. Alternatively, if you have GrabBag v2.3 installed, you can create an empty messages.ini using the command:

pm dumpmsgs KillRate [lang]
This plugins implements an API. Please go toAPI docsto read the API reference documentation.

Example Usage:

Check API availability

$api null;
if ((
$plugin $server->getPluginManager()->getPlugin("KillRate") !== null) && $plugin->isEnabled() && MPMU::apiCheck($plugin->getDescription()->getVersion(),"2.0")) {
$api $plugin->api;

Call an API function:

$score $api->getScore($player);

There is a script extension for KillRate that implements Levels in KillRate called KillRateEx.

It is not as plug and play as KillRate so it is only available as a script plugin. This is because it requires to be customized before use.

KillRateEx can be downloaded from github

Some versions of KillRate will create a sample KillRateEx.php in the KillRate folder. You then only need to copy that file to your Plugins folder. That version may be out-of-date, so preferably you should download it from the link shown earlier.

In order to use the script extension you need to do the following:

  1. Download the script plugin:KillRateEx.php
  2. Copy the script plugin to your plugin folder.
  3. Install PurePerms
  4. Read KillRateEx.php on how to configure PurePerms or alternatively download and use the exampleP urePerms-groups.yml and place it in the PurePerms folder as "groups.yml".
  5. Read and modify KillRateEx.php according to taste. The script has plenty of comments on how things work.
  6. Re-start your server.
  • getSysVarsV1 : should cache values.
    • death-dealer should expire cache.
    • getSysVars when called will check cache and return.
    • if cache is expire, we calculate.
    • Alternatively, getRankings should do the caching....
Copyright (C) 2015 Alejandro Liu
All Rights Reserved.

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program. If not, see <>.