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Kill Bounty

Put and Bounty to encourage player to kill someone!

  1. yungtechboy1
    Dependency Plugins:
    For PocketMine-MP:
    PocketMine-MP 1.4
    Kill Bounty
    Kill bounty is a way how player can act like Mobster, Gang Bangers, Drug Lords, ect. by allowing them to place bounties on players heads. So for those players who just got killed by a troll, he can just put a bounty on that players head.

    I have implement this on my server and noticed that it kept player from leaving for the small hope that some knight in shining armour will go and kill that person for them.

    • Add Bounty on players
    • Supports €¢onom¥$
    • Disciplines Player For Being Killed With A Bounty On Their Heads
    • Announces Bounty As They Are Placed
    Coming Soon
    • A Way For Player to Locate Those With Bounties On their Heads
    • Adding More Economy Plugin Support
    • Allowing players to Delete A Bounty
    • Adding A Time Restriction On Bounties
    • Contract Killer - Extension - Coming Later Soon
      • Allow Players To Choose Contract Killers To Do the Job
      • Allow Contract Killers To Gain Rank
      • Allow Contract Killers To Set Their Minimum Rate
      • Allow Players To Set Timers On Contact Killers
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    I update Plugin almost every day on GitHub, Also if you have problems please use GitHun
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Recent Updates

  1. Fixes Bounties Not Being Removed
  2. Major Core Update
  3. Major Update

Recent Reviews

  1. Svile
    if a player use the /kill command the server crash for an error in line 134 .

    an error like that: " call of ->getCause() on null "

    i hope you can fix it :)
  2. asyven
    1. yungtechboy1
      Author's Response
      Thank You!