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Outdated Join MOTD 1.5

Sends a MOTD/message when a player joins the game

  1. Lambo
    For PocketMine-MP:
    Hey guys,

    I just made my first plugin, Join MOTD
    The plugin is really simple; all it's does is send's a message to a player when they join the server.

    How to install:
    Drag the plugin into the plugins folder, run the server and the plugin will generate a config called motd.yml. Edit the config to you're needs.

    Plugin example:
    Lambo joined the game.
    Lambo get's sent this message: [Legion PE] Welcome back to the server!
    Total of players that have joined the server before: 19

    Commands: /joinmotd motd <motd message>, /joinmotd prefix <prefix>, /joinmotd playercounter (will enable/disable the PlayerCounter function), /joinmotd playercountermsg <msg>

    To use the PlayerCounter function, you have to install my plugin PlayerCounter! The plugin will automatically add ": [player count]" to the end of the playercountermsg!

    That's it. It's a pretty simple plugin, but it's my first. :D

    Thanks to wies for helping me with PHP (I code JavaScript mostly)!

    Just tell me if there are any bugs or you want to request a feature.​
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  1. Sagal
    Version: 1.5
    Nice!! Please put *********** before and after the motd and counter.. then allow us to mention players in the motd like Welcome (playername) to this server and entering it like /joinmotd motd Welcome $p to this server