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Inactive Jail 2.1.2

Ban too harsh? Kick/mute/whatever not enough? Jail players!

  1. Jail v2.1.2 update

    Jail v2.1.2 update

    • Fixed crashes while prisoners bail. (This problem occured in servers which use the PocketMoney plugin)
    • Fixed plugin disabled while server starts if players.yml's content is empty.
    • 'subnet-ip-checker' key is now default 'false' when configuration updates.
    • (For devs) Added 'getIssuer()' in PlayerJailEvent class, returns the command sender of '/jail', or null.
    • Added maximum number of prisoners per jail....
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  2. Jail v2.1.1 update

    Jail v2.1.1 update

    - Fixed configurations not saving after server restarts.
    - (This update comes with v2.1.0. Also read the changelog of v2.1.0!!)
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  3. Jail v2.1.0 update

    Jail v2.1.0 update

    • Added UUID checker! Can be worked with subnet checker. #9
    • Added default jail reason tag in config
    • Jail command's time argument can be '-t', reason argument can be '-r'. They are default time and reason from the config
    • Jail command's jail argument can be '-j', it applies a random jail to the player to be jailed.
    • Jail command's player argument...
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  4. Jail v2.0.3 update

    Jail v2.0.3 update
    • Removed the annoying package checker -_-
  5. Jail v2.0.2 update

    Jail v2.0.2 update

    - Fixed prisoners still able to run commands
    - The display of the bail amount will now be disabled if the server has no economic plugin
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  6. Jail v2.0.1 update

    Jail v2.0.1 update
    • Probably fixed the SimpleAuth problem
    • Downloading from the official PocketMine app will be marked as an official source now
    • Added an option to disable area-anti-escape feature (Look at the new config file)
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  7. Jail v2.0.0 update

    Jail v2.0.0 update

    • Better config updater, old config will be saved as 'config.yml.old'
    • Improved the method of getting random jail
    • Fixed vote protection timer being set to seconds instead of minutes #6
    • Added a permission node to prevent OP players from being voted #6
    • [FEATURED FEATURE] Added jail area protection...
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