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Outdated InfoEssentials 3.14159265.271

Essential commands for non-player controllers (console and RCONs) (Tested with Henteko Minecart!)

([player]: You can put the username of the player here if you want to specify which player you are looking at, or leave it blank if you are looking at yourself)
/getping [player] => reads the ping of a player
/seearmor [player] => reads the four armor parts of a player
/seegm [player] => after all you don't need to use /give 6 <ign> to see if a player is in creative mode.
/getpos [player] => using WorldEditor's //pos1 is too risky to check your own position? Use this when you need to check how large your castle is (arithmetics), or when you want to know how deep in a mine a player is.
/pw => for every player, warn him if his ping is too long.
/setarmor => Does your server recognize staffs with their armor? If yes, what about letting your builders change their armor without going to survival mode?
/sessions [player] => use this command when a player asks for op. If it is too few, consider kicking the server hopper.
/invcount <id> [player] => most useful: /invcount 264 count how many diamonds in the player's inventory. If it is 64 or 128, you must carry out an investigation among admins. If it is 36, would it be a griefer?

The permissions of players' access to these commands are also up-to-you. If you use PermissionsPlus, ignore this paragraph. If you don't, you can edit the config file at /plugins/InfoEssentials/settings.yml. Your computer is annoymously rejecting your attempt to open the file? Never mind. Just rename the file from settings.yml to settings.txt. Don't worry. The plugin still reads settings.txt if it exists, and it won't create the YAML file again.
If you have PermissionsPlus loaded, this config (supposedly) should not be created.