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GrabBag 2.3.0

Collection of miscellaneous commands and listener modules

  1. CallbackTask Deprecation Warning

    Removed CallbackTask depreceation warnings.
  2. Complete Re-write

    Complete re-written.

    If the documentation here has not been updated yet please make sure you read documentation on 2.0 here.

    Some features:

    • Removed unbreakable (moved to WorldProtect), CompassTP (moved to ToyBox), spawnitems, spawnarmor (moved to SpawnMgr).
    • Added a bunch of new commands.
      • prefix
      • spawn
      • burn
      • throw
      • blowup
      • setarmor
      • rcon client
      • follow me or you...
  3. Major re-write

    Note that this release is removing some features which are now available elsewhere. (See my bad-plugins repository for some alternate implementations). The intent is to narrow the focus of GrabBag towards commands for Admins.

    • Re-factoring the code so it is more maintainable
    • Removed unbreakable (moved to WorldProtect), CompassTP (moved to ToyBox), spawnitems, spawnarmor (moved to SpawnControl).
    • Added /prefix, /spawn...
  4. Minor update

    Fixed a bug in showtimings.
    Fixed improper usage of the API when Removing Tile and Entities.
    Changed so unbreakable is off by default
  5. Teleports

    • New Commands: clearinv, rpt, summon/dismiss, pushtp/poptp
    • New listener: unbreakable
    • New et subcommand: signX
    • players shows gamemode
  6. More Commands

    • Added !! / to repeater
    • Added freeze and mute commands
    • Added at and after commands
    • Improved entities output
    • Improved documentation
  7. Additional functionality

    • Entities command
    • ServerMOTD module
    • Removed warnings
  8. Fixes

    • showtimings, added clear operation.
    • "/as": bug fixes
    • Fixed typo in modules.yml
  9. Additional functionality

    • Hide IP address from whois output
    • New opms command.
    • Added CompassTP ability to teleport with a Compass.
    • Added servicemode functionality
    • showtimings command
    • added seearmor, seeinv and get
    • Improved the way how modules.yml is updated
    • added shield command
    • removed un-used old code/re-organized code.
    • Command repeater
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