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GrabBag 2.3.0

Collection of miscellaneous commands and listener modules

  1. aliuly
    For PocketMine-MP:
    1.4 (API:1.10.0), 1.4.1 (API:1.11.0), 1.5 (API:1.12.0), 1.6+php7 (API:2.0.0)

    It is difficult to carry a conversation in the reviews. If you have a question/bug-report/request please use the Thread for that. You are more likely to get a response and help that way.


    This documentation was last updated for version 2.4.0.

    Please go to github for the most up-to-date documentation.

    You can also download this plugin from this page.

    A miscellaneous collection of commands and listener modules.All features can be configured to be disabled|enabled so as to co-exist with other plugins. Furthermore, permissions are added on the fly when features are enabled, so if you only enable a few features, your permission list will not be very long.

    Developer Tools
    • echo: shows the given text
    • expand: Shows the given text after handling variable expansions
    • onevent: Run command on event
    • rc: Runs the given script
    • rem: Do nothing
    • trace: controls event tracing
    Entity Management
    • entities: entity management
    • near: Shows what players are near by
    • ops: Shows who are the ops on this server.
    • players: Shows what players are on-line
    • showtimings: Shows timing reports as reported by timings
    • whois: Gives detailed information on players
    • xyz: shows the players position and bearing
    Inventory Management
    • clearhotbar: Clear player's hotbar
    • clearinv: Clear player's inventory
    • fixit: Fix item being held
    • get: obtain an item
    • gift: give an item to a player
    • iteminfo: Show additional info on item held
    • plenty: When in survival, make sure that a player never runs out of items
    • rminv: Remove item from player's Inventory
    • seearmor: Show player's armor
    • seeinv: Show player's inventory
    • setarmor: Sets armor (even in creative)
    Player Management
    • afk: Toggles AFK status
    • as: run command as somebody else
    • clearchat: Clears your chat window
    • fly: Toggle flying ONLY FOR PM >1.5
    • gma: Change your gamemode toAdventure.
    • gmc: Change your gamemode toCreative.
    • gms: Change your gamemode toSurvival.
    • gmspc: Change your gamemode toSpectator.
    • invis: makes player invisible
    • nick: Change your display name
    • perm: temporarily change player's permissions
    • prefix: prepend prefix to chat lines
    • reg: Manage player registrations
    • reop: Let ops drop priviledges temporarily
    • shield: player is protected from taking damage
    • skin: manage player's skins
    • spy: spy on a player in-game (chat-scribe)
    Server Management
    • after: schedule command after a number of seconds
    • alias: Create a new command alias
    • at: schedule command at an appointed date/time
    • crash: manage crash dumps
    • log: toggle server logging (chat-scribe)
    • opms: sends a message to ops only
    • pluginmgr: manage plugins
    • query: query remote servers
    • rcon: rcon client
    • rpt: report an issue to ops
    • servers: Manage peer server connections
    • servicemode: controls servicemode
    • wall: shows the given text to all servers
    • delhome: Removes your home
    • delwarp: Removes warp
    • dismiss: Dismiss a previously summoned player
    • follow: Follow a player
    • follow-off: stop following a player
    • followers: List who is following who
    • followme: Make a player follow you
    • followme-off: stop making a player follow you
    • ftserver: Travel to remove servers
    • home: Teleport to home
    • poptp: Returns to the previous location
    • pushtp: Saves current location and teleport
    • sethome: Sets your home location
    • setwarp: Sets warp location
    • shield: player is teleported to the place of last death
    • spawn: Teleport player to spawn point
    • summon: Summons a player to your location
    • top: Teleport player to the top
    • tpaccept: Accept a Teleport request
    • tpahere: Ask a player to teleport to you
    • tpask: Ask a player to teleport to them
    • tpdecline: Decline a teleport request
    • warp: Teleport to warp.
    • blowup: explode a player
    • burn: Burns the specified player
    • chat-on|chat-off: Allow players to opt-out from chat
    • freeze|thaw: freeze/unfreeze a player so they cannot move.
    • heal: Restore health to a player
    • mute|unmute: mutes/unmutes a player so they can not use chat
    • slay: Kills the specified player
    • spectator|unspectator: toggle a player's spectator mode (DEPRECATED)
    • throw: Throw a player in the air
    • blood-particles: Display particles when a player gets hit
    • broadcast-ft: Broadcast player's using FastTransfer
    • broadcast-tp: Broadcast player teleports
    • cmd-selector: Implements "@" command prefixes
    • custom-death: Customize what happens when a player dies
    • join-mgr: Customize players when they joins the server
    • mega-slots: Merges the slot count of multiple servers
    • motd-task: Background task to ping configured remote servers
    • query-task: Background task to query configured remote servers
    • repeater: Uses!!to repeat command with changes
    Optional Plugins:
    Alternate Categories:
    • Admin Tools
    • Chat Related
    • Developer Tools
    • Informational
    • Teleportation
    Plugin Access:
    • Internet Services
    • Other Plugins
    • Manages Permissions
    • Commands
    • Data Saving
    • Entities
    • Tile Entities
    • Manages Plugins


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Recent Reviews

  1. TikoluX
    Version: 2.3.0
    Excellent plugin. I actually downloaded this because I wantedd a /clearinventory command, but now I have so much useful commands.

    Is there any way of turning off the "Server op <player> joined" message?
  2. Superstinky
    Version: 2.3.0
    Wonderful! and Powerful! But,
    Why I can't found function 'sethome and home' only my Server?
    1. aliuly
      Author's Response
      You need to upgrade to v2.4 from the GitHub page. v2.4 is still waiting moderation here.
  3. ClanEmo
    Version: 2.3.0
    after this latest update, the skin and lots of this are gone in config
  4. rvachvg
    Version: 2.2.7
    Wonderful plugin. It can be used instead of laggy EssentialsPE.
    Aliuly, please, add multiworld home and teleport request features. And this plugin will be 100/10.
  5. BXM
    Version: 2.2.7
    fly : Toggle flying ONLY FOR PM1.5 lol
  6. SeangJemmy
    Version: 2.2.7
    This is the best plugins :3 10/5 Rating :)
    Can you add /cleariteminv <player> <item> <amount | all>
    ???? I dont wanna clear all the items the player have. Thanks
  7. Daniel123
    Version: 2.2.7
    Register And Login Not work (Not Have Permission)
    Please Fix It ;)
  8. CsNle
    Version: 2.2.7
    Great plugin!But how can I use the "CommandSelector"?When I type "/tp @p Cansll" and then it tell me "Player not found"...
    1. aliuly
      Author's Response
      Only @a, @e and @r are implemented.
  9. QuangDo
    Version: 2.2.7
  10. StrikerMusicMC
    Version: 2.2.6
    Amazing plugin, the OP commands don't affect the non-op's, do they?
    1. aliuly
      Author's Response
      There are only two permissions like that, togglechat.excempt and invisible.inmune