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GoldStd 1.2.2

A different economy plugin

GoldStd implements an economy plugin based on Gold Ingots (by default) as the currency. This allows to add game mechanics to the game without artificial commands or other artificial constructs.

You can then pay people without using the chat console. Also, you may lose all your money if you get killed. Players can stash their gold on Chests, but they would need to guard them (just like in real life), etc. You can see how much money you have directly in the inventory window, etc.

The chat console commands are there for convenience but are not needed for regular gameplay:

  • pay $$
    By default when you tap on another player, only 1 gold ingot get transferred. This command can be used to facilitate larger transactions. If you use this command the next tap will transfer the desired amount in one go.
  • balance
    If you are rich enough, your money will be in multiple stacks. This commands will add the stacks for you.
  • shopkeep
    This command is used to manage shop keepers. Sub-commands:
    • /shopkeep spawn [player] [shop]
      • player - Shop keepr will be spawn where this player is located.
      • shop - shop definition from configuration file.
GoldStd supports three types of signs.

  1. Shop signs
  2. Gambling signs
  3. Trading signs
Shop Signs
Place a sign with the following text:

Players will be able to buy the specified items at the set price. Defaults to 1, but this can be changed with the x?? modifier. Examples from RuinPvP:

  • [SHOP]
    • Wooden Sword
    • 200p
  • [SHOP]
    • Golden Sword
    • 250p
  • [SHOP]
    • Stone Sword
    • 500p
  • [SHOP]
    • Iron Sword
    • 700p
  • [SHOP]
    • Diamond Sword
    • 1000p
  • [SHOP]
    • Apples x10
    • 200p
Gambling Signs
Tap a sign and you place a bet. Place a sign with the following text:

The odds is the number of chances, so the higher the number the less chance of payout. Payout is how much you get pay if you win. Price is how much each bet costs. Examples:

  • [CASINO]
    • 5:300
    • 100p
Trading Sings
Tap a sign and you can trade items. Place a sign with the following text:


  • [TRADE]
    • Diamond Sword
    • Wood x5
  • [TRADE]
    • Spawn Egg:32
    • Emerald x2
    • Zombie Spawn egg
  • API
    • getMoney
    • setMoney
    • grantMoney
Configuration is through the config.yml file. The following sections are defined:

Default values for paying players by tapping

  • payment: default payment when tapping on a player
  • timeout: how long a transaction may last
  • settings: features
    • currency: Item to use for currency false or zero disables currency exchange.
    • signs: set to true to enable shops|casino signs
  • trade-goods: List of tradeable goods
  • signs: Text used to identify GoldStd signs
  • weapons: List of offensive weapons
  • enable: enable/disable shopkeep functionality
  • range: How far away to engage players in chat
  • ticks: How often to check player positions
  • freq: How often to spam players (in seconds)
Permission Nodes
  • : Access to pay command
  • goldstd.cmd.balance : Show your current balance
  • goldstd.cmd.shopkeep : ShopKeepr management (Defaults to Op)
  • goldstd.signs.use : Allow access to signs
  • : Allow access to casino signs
  • : Allow access to shopping signs
  • : Allow access to trading signs
  • : Allow placing signs (Defaults to Op)
  • : Allow placing casino signs (Defaults to Op)
  • : Allow placing shopping signs (Defaults to Op)
  • : Allow placing trading signs (Defaults to Op)
This plugin will honour the server language configuration. The languages currently available are:

  • English
  • Spanish
You can provide your own message file by creating a file called messages.ini in the plugin config directory. Check github for sample files.

The contents of these "ini" files are key-value pairs: