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Outdated Giveaway 1.2

Drop Party's for all!!!

  1. DarkN3ss
    For PocketMine-MP:
    HEY GUYS!!! Im back and this time I have a made a drop party type plugin called "Giveaway"

    How do I use it you may me asking?
    It's simple just do the command /giveaway from the game or console and it will give a random player the items
    But now you will be asking "What items does it give to the player though?!?!"
    Well my friend, that is up to you
    By default it give the winner the items:

    1. 310 (Diamond Helmet)
    2. 307 (Iron Chestplate)
    3. 304 (Chain Leggings)
    4. 301 (Leather Boots)
    Now you are asking "WTF are these numbers?". The numbers are the ID number for the item. For all item numbers for all the items in the game, go to this website

    All you have to do to get different items is change the config.yml file to the item id's you want

    For example, in the config you will see

    - 3 <-Item ID (the item you want)
    - 0 <- the Meta number (Just leave this at 0)
    - 1 <- the amount of items (e.g set it to 64 to get a stack of dirt)

    So let me know what I can do to improve on this plugin, or any features you want me to add.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Macintosh
    Version: 1.1
    its nice and funny
  2. DopeteK
    Version: 1.1
    Nice plugin
    1. DarkN3ss
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)
  3. BlinkSun
    Version: 1.1
    Nice idea ! Look like traditionnal /give mixed with RandomItem Plugin from LDX !
    1. DarkN3ss
      Author's Response
      Thanks, glad you liked it :D