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Experimental EssentialsPE 1.1.3

The port of Bukkit Essentials for PocketMine-MP servers!

  1. Final update in 1.0 series

  2. Maybe not the last...

    This will be the last EssentialsPE update... The next one will be '2.0.0' aiming for PocketMine 1.6 and MCPE 0.12

    Little update...
    • Fixes some bugs related to Nicks, Warps and Homes commands feedback...
  3. The last....

    This release include a lot of new features... So, let's get a resume:
    • Fixed Permission nodes bug, just keep in mind: "Some new permissions have a .use sub-node, so please use that node now".
    • Added some missing permission nodes.
    • Fixed /Seen command crash.
    • Implemented "Session saving", so all the information of a player will be stored in an individual file... No more trying to fix the whole "Homes"/"Warps" files :3
    • Added "Heal" particles :3
  4. The biggest update... Since the intial release :P

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  5. What? Another Beta with Fixes and Optimizations?

    This update... Well, this time we skipped the "Beta 8" release but jumped into Beta 9 to fix some minor bugs... Okey, let's continue with the traditional entry:

    This update contains some new features for developers, fixes and optimizations :D

    New Features:
    • Ready for Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.11!
    • Added Dynamic Permission Nodes for all the available Kits and Warps in a server.
    • Added custom getConsoleUsage() method for...
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  6. The 0.11 BETA "fixed" update!

    This update contains some important fixes and optimizations...

    • Optimized plugin's updater! :D Now it should be faster :3

    • Fixed not displaying correct player nick when executing a command with its name.
    • Fixel Heal Signs not working properly.
    • Possibly fixed AFK Spam
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  7. The 0.11 BETA update!

    May 5th came with a not interesting birthday... But its EssentialsPE's first birthday! To celebrate this and as the MCPE is being updated to version 0.11 as "Beta builds"... And as @iksaku is a good person, here we give you the most "Stable Beta Build" of EssentialsPE... If that's not enough, this is COMPATIBLE with Minecraft: PE 0.11! (Builds 8 or higher).

    And here is the changelog:

    New Features
    • Kits! Now it's possible for...
  8. More fixes!

    As always, this update contains fixes, code optimization and more stability!

    This time, we have fixed the bugs related to the Warp and Near commands
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  9. Time for the first update!

    As always, this update includes code optimization and more stability for servers.

    This version main features are:
    • Antioch command.
    • PTime command. (Set time per-player!)
    • Implemented Back On Death.
    • Send messages using the Sudo command.
    • PvP is now enabled for everyone, and the command is only accessible for OPs by default.
    NOTE: Please delete your old Homes and...
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