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Outdated Dice Roll 0.2

Roll a dice

  1. ArcaneKnight97
    For PocketMine-MP:

    Hey guys i made this plugin for a dice rolling game ...
    I made this because when I play garry's mod and i go on a PERP server sometimes there are dice rolls for various things like:
    highest roll gets x amount of cash
    you go into a circle use /roll then say you get 40 you give 40 pm (pocket money ) to the host of the game then after everyone has rolled you go around the circle again and the highest roll gets the jackpot
    playing a game of high dice

    and just loads of things you could do so this is good for just fun or for rp servers that might have a casino or something :)+ Huge thanks to Intyre for helping me fix the issue where it didn't show the username.

    Change log
    0.1: Initial release
    0.2: Supports 1.3.9(API 10)

    Current Features:
    - Roll a 4 sided dice
    - Roll an 8 sided dice
    - Roll a 12 sided dice
    - Broadcasts the number you got from your dice roll so everyone can see.

    /roll 4 (Rolls a 4 sided dice)
    /roll 8 (Rolls an 8 sided dice)
    /roll 12 (Rolls a 12 sided dice)
    /roll 100 (Rolls an .. urm ... random number between 1 and 100 :p )

    Please feel free to ask questions and remind me when i need to update if I forget :)
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