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ChestLocker v1.2

Lock/Unlock Chests.

Configuration (config.yml):

#Protect locked chests from destroying (It can be bypassed with the permission: chestlocker.bypass)
protect-chests: true


/chestlocker - ChestLocker commands (aliases: [chlock, chl, chestlock, cl])
/lockchest - Lock a Chest
/unlockchest - Unlock a Chest


- chestlocker.* - ChestLocker permissions.
- chestlocker.bypass - Bypass chest lock.
- chestlocker.commands.* - ChestLocker commands permissions.
- - ChestLocker command Help permission.
- - ChestLocker command Info permission.
- chestlocker.commands.lockchest - ChestLocker command LockChest permission.
- chestlocker.commands.unlockchest - ChestLocker command UnlockChest permission.