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Outdated ChatLineBreaker 3.1

Breaks long messages into lines, player-side customizable, compatible to all plugins existing!

Database format:
The database (plugins/ChatLineBreaker/players.dat) is in binary in order to make the size compact. For every 9 bytes, the first 8 are, in binary, the client ID of the player. The 9th byte is in this form, in binary:
"b" is whether the player enabled (didn't disable) the line breaker. "l" is a 7-digit binary number for the chat line length. The max length, therefore, is 127 since the database cannot save any larger numbers.
Future changes, starting from version 3.1 (not yet released)
  • The database will have a 1-byte prefix indicating the API version. (The databases generated in v3 will be recognized by the modular operator % to see if the database length is divisible by 9)
  • If I can confirm that the max size of the client ID is integer or not signed, I will change the format of CID.

Config file:
The config file is in YAML by default. However, if you like JSON more, you can enable it by creating a JSON file with blank content (but still correct syntax) and it will be automatically updated. The setting of this will be improved in future updates.
Config values
  • default-enable: Whether to enable the line breaker for the player by default (default true)
  • default-length: The default CLB length (default 50)

Lang file: (3.1+, not yet approved)
The lang file is in the format of properties. Please only edit the values not the key to ensure it working.

This plugin uses DataPacketSendEvent::register() to handle the message, so all messages, except those whose packets are directly passed into the socket bypassing the API method, will be handled. Therefore, even if you use the raw $player->dataPacket(new MessagePacket) method, the message will still be wrapped.